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TH9 Farming Base [FREE SHIELD BASE 30%] + REPLAYS – New Update – Clash of Clans

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  1. were you not attacked by a single gowipe or gowiwi?…thats the true test my friend

  2. i stalk ur base always…i used this layout after the day u used it :D

  3. Look gr8 ? but have to be tested against earth quake from top side

  4. what is the screen recorder you.use im the player impuls. ive joi.ed your clan but your nort on when im to ask questio.s. its ok tho

  5. Nice base,but it is pretty easy to get into the base from the top,if you go from left or right,you're already in the Middlesex with 1 jumpspell,i'm not a pro,but in upper leagues are most of the Attacke gowipe or gowiwi with jumpspell,pls think about it.I' ve subscribed to your channel a Week ago,i must say,that you're a skilled tactical base Designer,hope you keep in you're good work ??

  6. Here's a fun story: I'm supposed to wear a rigid contact lens for an eye condition I have. Rigid lenses are more difficult to take out than regular (soft gel) contacts. To help take the lens out, I was given a small suction cup. One time I was having trouble taking my contact out so I tried to use the suction cup. It turned out that in my efforts to remove the lens, I moved it out of place. So the suction cup had instead attached itself firmly to my fucking eye. This suction cup was much more tenacious than your traditional nerf dart, so once it greeted my cornea it really didn't want to leave. When I tried to pull it off I could see my eye being pulled out of the socket. Like a full hemisphere of eyeball had been pulled past my eyelids. I was scared that I was either going to pull my eye out or rip my cornea off. Somehow I was able to pull it off at a slight angle without causing any damage to my eye but I haven't used the terrible eye plucking device since.

  7. Thanks for the improved one :D, been using the other one and sometimes it doesn't work. This one covers alot of the weak spots :)

  8. What if they Earthquake from the top?

  9. Hey add 10 sec for a screenshot

  10. Are both of the xbow set to ground and air? Or ground only?

    I use your other base and It works well but sooner I lose a lot I hope this works well..

  11. Farmin is just screwed thanks supercell

  12. This is awesome ? looks very strong

  13. you can do more bases th9 with replays and de botton?

  14. 1 sub! and like i love this base thank you!but this works in gold1?

  15. Best base ever thanks!!!!!!

  16. Is this better than the last version????idk which one to use now.

  17. YEAH :D

  18. ★★★★★

  19. any th10 bases please. thank you

  20. looks very good i will try it hope it works well…