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Th9 GUIDE [NEW] Best Farming, Upgrade & Attack Strategies for new Town Hall 9’s in Clash of Clans

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  1. Hey Ash, just a question, is queen walk effective in attacking compact bases? Pls reply

  2. love the intro ash back at it again with another awesome coc video

  3. Love your Vids Ash? continue with your content!?

    Greetings from Germany :D

  4. thank you ash this guide will help a lot?

  5. thank you ash. amazing guide

  6. Ash, your level 7 ADs look different from mine and the sprites on clash of clans wiki ಠ_ಠ

  7. sub to me I'll sub back with 3 Active accounts!

  8. Damn, you really know how to spoil us <3

  9. Don't bother unless you spend cash. I've been idk how many months leveling heroes and walls 22&23 royals 130 lavas it's just not worth it

  10. I will ash. see u there brother. thnk. so much for ur vids… so much help and learn so much from. thnkz

  11. great vídeo Ash!

  12. You should have a million subscribers cause you have a great content on your channel!

  13. great guide ash. nice to see you doing much more lower level content lately.

  14. thnx ash. i only want this

  15. tnx for the guide for new th9. im going now to th9, useful guide for me tnx sir ash. keep up the good work.

  16. Can we have more th8 attack guides

  17. Damn That timing im getting th9 in 3 days nd im max fully max th8 :)

  18. This brings back some pretty recent memories! ?

  19. What a time to post this just upgraded great vid ash

  20. thanks ash I'm need video about th9 attack and basse

  21. Next video sounds good also!

  22. hello

  23. HI!

  24. i AM ash???

  25. Thanks for the continued support guys! I'll be at PAX East this weekend in Boston! Come say hi if you're there!