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TH9 Low Hero Valks + Hogs. GoVaHo vs Max “D” War Attack. Clash of Clans

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  1. nice work buddy.. when's the next Kamcord? ?

  2. I have been using this attack with my low LvL TH9 in the WARs and sure enough it has been cleaning up. That account does better than our mid and High LvL TH9's. Another 6 star war me me. Thanks again for the help.

  3. How are you gonna farm at TH 10? Any suggestions about the league and army compositions?

  4. Thanks low level heroe videos are soooooo helpful

  5. When using earthquake I find it difficult to take down cc loons. Any suggestions?

  6. Switch to Twitch if you want more viewers.

  7. how do u record ur video

  8. Thank you for Queen pop I got my first 6 star war! Ever since I started to watch you I have been improved on my attacks so thank you!

  9. your God


  10. try a goho