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TH9 QUEST TO TITAN LEAGUE | above 3800 Cups | Hog Riders

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  1. ur channel will grow to 10k subs by march is my estimate

  2. Grow so quick! Nice video!

  3. Love your vids, if you made a clan, I would join (lvl 98 th9) :P

  4. nice

  5. noicee congrats on 500 subs bruh! you deserve 'em ;)

  6. Cool video and gameplay like

  7. Nice channel. Keep it up. if ur not busy check out my channel and subscribe, like and comment on my latest video.

  8. OMG I just realised that the first replay video is duplicated to the end of video, omg sorry guys.

  9. Hit That Like Button If You Want To See More Replays/Live Raids and Comment/Reply To This Comment If You Want To See Me Defending Replays/Live