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TH9 Strategy ~ 3-Star this base design using GoVaHo (2 examples)

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  1. can u share some townhall9 hybird base?

  2. Are you Asian ?

  3. Great video!

  4. nice Dan, I'm subscribed to numerous youtube channels but when I see recent activity I always check out your new videos first with acknowledgment that there will be some ass kicking.. #MaMaJ

  5. Just started using govaho and Ive been 3 starring like crazy. I love the attack. Especially when my king is down. And we got a perfect war when I started using the attack so thats just a bonus haha.

  6. could u do a good th7 attack strategy?

  7. great attacks and fantastic planning… very impressive ? keep em coming

  8. Nice video I got 6 stars last war one wit 17 Valks and one GoVaHo 1 golem 7 Valks 24 hogs rest wiz thanks man!

  9. man your channel is so underratted but you explain brtter thrn many chanels

  10. Explain the reverse funnel w/ AQ please.

  11. can i use level 3 valks on a max th9 def and hope for a 3 stars?

  12. nice video dan..keep it up??

  13. (¬_¬)ノ

  14. .

  15. Love you cam