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TH9 & TH10 Air Attack Strategies vs TH11 Bases (Ring & Anti 3) Clash Of Clans

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  1. Awesome ash

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  3. Anyone want my coc account? it's th8 and still has a name change. kik me if ur interested: ObeyKashief


  5. How to fix spam <PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY>

    Make the eagle artillery able to be switched between "power mode" and "multi mode". Similar to the inferno, but in a different way. The power mode will be the same as the current eagle artillery. The multi mode will be different.
    1. It will target troops the same way as the eagle does now. It smashes one troop it targets. HOWEVER. If the shells it drops hits multiple units, then it will deal more damage to each unit it hits. Let's say you have 1 bowler targeted all alone. The eagle on multi will do very little damage to it. However if it targets a bowler grouped up with 4 other bowlers, it will get a 2x multiplier or 3x or whatever.

    2. This multi mode MUST have a new ai where it specifically targets GROUPS of troops over single units

    This will require group recognition and priority coding, SOMETHING SUPERCELL ALREADY DOES with healers.


  6. Oh yes I need these SO BAD, my clan does 10v10s with two Th10s at the top then town hall 7 and below, and half the time we find a max town hall 11 and the bottom 9 town hall 7s

  7. 3:35 it's lightning, playing too much Clash royale I see


  9. Wow theses are awesome attacks!

  10. Great video, this is what we just did last war

  11. you should watch the video when Thay spoke about the update

  12. clash of clans attacks said that you (clash with Ash) asked for a balance in the game and the theme is working on the update and they will launch it in the middle of September. is it who asked for the change or the other ( clash with ash) ???

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  14. th8 air attacks-strategy

  15. Hi Ash I love your vids man please reply:)

  16. Make a video talking to ed from itd please!!!?

  17. Can u do a video about that

  18. Wow, thanks for the tip! would this be possible in pushing though?

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  20. Clash with ash tell me how to zap quake level 4 inferno tower plz tell me

  21. very usefull bro keep them coming, specially with Jake being gone now

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  23. they should do up date to drags to level 6

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  25. hi ash

  26. great video i love your videos

  27. ASH!!!

  28. Why didn't u show attacks on our clan's bases? 🙁 (@[email protected])

  29. in the first attack replay can it also be used against th10s i know silly question and also be used to trophy push

  30. These "attacking up" strategies are more important than ever in the current state of the game. Getting a three star is arguably easier than ever across the board so freeing up "extra attacks" for heavier players in your clan is SO important in winning clan war strategies. Best of luck guys!

  31. I'm I the only one who notices change in intense of Ash's voice with the Intro..?