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TH9 Titan vs. TH11 Legend | Clash of Clans | Quantum´s 8.9

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  1. Adri

  2. Tobi deine Intromusik ist soo nice ! Geilo Fights im Video :D

  3. damn bro the last attack only 2 cups ?? jaja insane

    hey show us the defence design and how the th11 Destroy it jajaja, Keep pushing ¡¡

    Argentina ;)

  4. is it true TH 9 bro? lighting spell level 6 ??

  5. I nearly thought your Eclihpse

  6. wie heißt das lied tobi? :)

  7. Pues vaya que eres grande,ni el pollito letal o el jardinero te paran!,GRANDE!?

  8. Excellent

  9. I design are using right now to defend

  10. What The Music??? ;)

  11. Nice attacks by your clan!

  12. I Love your video nice job STUD keep it up and you will get famous u stud

  13. This vid was absolutely gorgeous with the song on and on XD I love what you th9's are doing to try to get up here!Keep on pushing!

  14. ,

  15. kann ich dich irgendwo adden? auf line oder so?:D

  16. Give us some new th9 trophy base, or more bases. Thanks :D

  17. Vaya crack! Saludos desde España!

  18. DAMNNNNN YOU'RE A CRACK, btw, can you tell me the name of the 1st song ? (not the intro song)

  19. i have only level5 lighting and level 2 eq is it enough to destroy level8 air defence if not i use 3 lighting spells one haste and one cc haste max

  20. im th9 in 3700 drago loon works