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TH9 Valkyrie Guide [UPDATED] GOVAHO, MASS VALK, QUEEN WALK GOVAWI for Clash of Clans

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  1. Redhead is an offensive word gingers like me could take it the same way African Americans take the N word´╗┐

  2. Amazing strategy!´╗┐

  3. They're gonna nerf this so hard haha´╗┐

  4. Nice!´╗┐

  5. How about GoHo for th10 with max level?´╗┐

  6. should've showed mass valk against th10´╗┐

  7. Love the new avatar Ash????´╗┐

  8. Keep uploading ash´╗┐

  9. Hello happy April 1st ;-)´╗┐

  10. First´╗┐

  11. Great vid, recommended it to all my clan mates! Keep up the gods work´╗┐

  12. Great vid Ash!!! I love this strategy! Its so great seeing TH's blow up and infernos just get mowed down with lvl 5 valks with a rage spell!! I dont think i've had this much fun since i was a TH9 player´╗┐

  13. You are quite a good strategist wink wink´╗┐

  14. Thanks for these types of usefull videos Ash, they really help me alot since I just upgraded to th9 around 2 months ago.
    Sometimes for war I think about what type of strategies to attack certain bases with or which to start off with queen walks.
    Keep up these th9 videos please! And I'm deeply sorry for your loss man, keep your head up.´╗┐

  15. Is govawi witch or wizard´╗┐

  16. :D´╗┐

  17. Thanks dude!´╗┐

  18. More th8 vids?´╗┐