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TH9 VS TH11 – 2 Star Strategy (Baby Dragon) & Farewell to Jake

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  1. Thanks for the content ash.
    Given the circumstances, would you be able to do a tutorial on how to join the FPC or any other fair play war community?

  2. Please dont quit ash, the game needs u, and i need the game

  3. Why you are not using webcam? 🙁

  4. Ash pls continue his series like live attacks , cleans videos,coffee and clash …

  5. Come on supercell save this game

  6. Actually most clans that run between 2-8 th 11s run anti two th 11s with anti three design techniques. This is important because it it valuable to make the opponent waste hits going for 11s

  7. Hey ash why cant i 3 star vs th9, My troops are still from th8 except fot the witch is lvl2 now, but the witch are pretty useless now, and my loons are level 6, i shoudlve upgraded my hogs first, can you do a witch raid with 3 star? ps. i have level 10 Bk and level 6aq.

  8. that one minion tho

  9. Thx ash appreciate all u do

  10. did you hear that beakers lab got cancer ???

  11. Haven't watched too much of jake besides a few videos, but from what I've seen, he was a smart clasher, knew every troop ai like they were his children. Sad to see another youtuber stop playing this great game (still is to me). Hope he comes back and I hope that you keep on doing what you love ash. The videos you have fun in are the most enjoyable to watch. Thanks for the great content as always, and keep up the amazing work!

  12. supercell should double the production of mines n collectors n grant us to use our upgrading heroes in cw so that both farmers n warlovers finds the reason for coming back for more

  13. 2 words ash… thank you

  14. doin my best ro help you guys suck less ooohhh i will miss this outro very very much

  15. No one can ever take the throne of Jake. He will be surely missed

  16. I do clash of clans videos improving but how do you even video record clash of clans science of third party non being allowed

  17. well said Ash nice vid.

  18. Subscribe to my youtube channel. my channel is, Fly High Clashing

  19. Helping you guys suck less. Loved it.

  20. Has Mrs. Jake quit as well?

  21. What happen to Jake from OneHive?

  22. I subscribed for a future of Clash of Clans

  23. "doin my best, to help you guys suck less." That was awesome!

    Jake's return will be glorious. Okay supercell, repair the game and bring our boy back!

  24. It's kind of depressing seeing these youtubers who have built there channels off of clash of clans like cam and now Jake kind of get bored of the game and just quit because of the lack of updates. I personally am also in the same boat because my clan has recently become less lively there used to always be someone on and now they just check back in every day or so. It's happening to me and it's happening to a lot of other people the game is just getting kind of stale in my opinion.

  25. awesome thanks Ash very helpful ! Jake will be missed . Also thank you Ash for you're awesome continued dedication and genuine kindness. You are very much appreciated and i hope to clash with you for a long time :)

  26. How do u do friendly challenges on ur war base

  27. Now that Jake's taken a leave from Clash, you're probably my favourite Clash Youtuber. Keep putting out the great content, man. Thanks for the kind words for our guy. – Zefram from OneHive.

  28. I love your outro "Doing my best to make you guys suck less" Classic!


  30. Great video, Ash! Thx for posting this!

  31. Ash will u retire also from playing coc 🙁 :'( i wish u dont and dont!

  32. I will miss Jake!

  33. Nice farewell video to Jake, Ash! You, Jake, and Powerbang are the only CoC YouTubers I watch. I unsubscribed some of the other YouTubers because 99% of their content now are just Clash Royale videos. :-/ So keep doing what you're doing!