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TH9 War Base [ ANTI 2 STAR ] with REPLAYS (Version 3) – Clash of Clans

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  1. on my clan last war , the enemy clan had the same base and our first attack failed but the second was a 3 star

  2. Hey, I've just been attacked in war and I was using this exact base… Do you want the replay? The enemy queen did somethig weird… lol

  3. yeşil yolun adamlarıyız

  4. bro can you make 8.5 farm base?
    I'm currently th9 with max def without a x-bow.
    I'm trying to max out my troops first for war purposes.

    I hope you'll help me in my request. Thanks in advance. btw, I'm a subscriber now. ?

  5. preparation day 8 hours ! I cant wait !! Ill tell you later the result! hahaha

  6. looks good ..

  7. does this work if you rotated the base vertically?

  8. A wonderful village regulation

  9. çok beğendim bravo tek kelimeyle muhteşem savunma..

  10. Had this base for three wars. Totaling in 8 stars.

  11. very good! got this base from somewhere a while ago (cant remember where) and im still yet to be 3 starred. had th 9,10 and even 11's attack me lol.

  12. Nice Video bro can i join your Clan? I have no Clan im th 10

  13. NICE CHANNAL CHARLES!!!but i need best th9 trophy base like a trap make me champion pls bro

  14. no good design

  15. you make the nice battle order

  16. gowiwi

  17. Yeşil yol

  18. Nice tnx bro. ^_^

  19. Th8 please

  20. this is base is so nice its works perfect can you make also a th8 anti 2 star war base?

  21. im in a war with it ill tell you if they attacked me!

  22. nice hope it works ;)

  23. Please do a th6 2 air defence base

  24. crap

  25. +Clash Feed – Clash of Clans | Base Design I love your vids , keep it up ?

  26. .there's alot of people using Gowipe these days, so i wanna test this base
    it seems really good .. thx bro

  27. How about healer with queen?