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Th9 WAR base | Best War base VS TH10 | Anti (Mass Miner + Valkyries) | War Replay | Clash Of Clans

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  1. Plis à subscribe clan !

  2. Ok

  3. Yes please à Subscribe clan

  4. Very N!CE Base Bro……Thank u

  5. In the first attack, I wanted to see those healers destroyed by all those air traps! ?

  6. bro every youtuber has clan so make a permanent clan.Make a brand new clan

  7. Nice Build ??

  8. best base

  9. souvik bro do u a th8 war base

  10. I love your bases.

  11. like bro i like your videos
    1 question
    you make all the bases?

  12. Nice Base

  13. nice base video

  14. nice base video

  15. ohhh

  16. souvik bro why did u delete the same video