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TH9 War Base Town Hall 9 Trophy Base Anti 2 Star Clash of Clans

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  1. anti 2 star? Sorry, I will not use this base, easily 3 star by high Th9, I

  2. i get a the9 framing ??

  3. good job,every time very useful bases :D

  4. I will try this base when i upgrade my th on lvl 9…soon

  5. me parece que todavia no se entera de que existen los terremotos en el juego

  6. Th8 trophy base

  7. plzzz do some Attack videos plzzzz i love to see more things like that..
    we r with u??

  8. thanks Man?????

  9. A replay would be nice, great base design by the way

  10. This Base is the one that I have Waiting For a New TH9 base Especially Trophy base Thx GameDice I Like It soo Much

  11. ٳıҠɛ ۷ıɖɛơ

  12. can you make th6 with new updates when i search for this base i only found from last year :(

  13. شكرا ع هذا التصميم

  14. sub for suv extra

  15. hi

  16. hi