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TH9: You’re DEAD to Me | Clash of Clans

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  1. Thrilled you made that jump man! Love how you teach. I'll be taking notes. Thanks a mil??

  2. Thrilled you made that jump man! Love how you teach. I'll be taking notes. Thanks a mil??

  3. Thrilled you made that jump man! Love how you teach. I'll be taking notes. Thanks a mil

  4. i made this move in December – will you do th9.5 or vanilla 10?

    good luck, wars will be different now!

  5. dang it PB lol you're making wanna upgrade to th10 lmao my heroes are 30/29 i'm ready to see those th10 3 star beother ?i know you'll make an awesome th10

  6. Goodluck on your new journey!!!!! any reccomendation who should we watch for more th9 contents?

  7. Nnnoooo, say it ain't so! Kidding PB, congrats on moving forward; you'll make some great TH10 FP videos. Just don't forget about the TH9 stuff too! – J

  8. Yeah PB! Wish you luck on your TH10 journey :D

  9. Congrats on th10, PB! Selfishly, I was kind of hoping you would have made a farming video for th9 when the queen was upgrading, but I also didn't look through all your early videos so maybe something is there. I'm looking forward to learning more about th10 from you so I have a bit of an advantage when i get there! Congrats again!

  10. When you place your priority on upgrading your offense (especially when starting a new TH level), what do you do with your gold? Offense costs elixir and dark elixir, but you're inevitably going to amass a large amount of gold during your farming if you don't gem anything. Upgrading defenses will place you into a higher match-up "bracket" in the CoC algorithm, and you don't want that early on. So what do you do with your gold? Do you upgrade walls? Do you just sit on it and let other people take it from you?

  11. Its good that youve chosen now to upgrade though as i kinda feel the need to move up myself. Im the top th9 in my clan and i sit at number 2. We only have 1 th10 but hes max. We are constantly outmatched with th10s and 11s its so ridiculous. We have 4 max th9s and 1 th10. Last war we were matched with 3 th11s all with max infernos and eagle artillerys and 1 semi max th10 with lv 2 infernos. Like what the freak is that. We are a th9 clan and the game feeds us this crap. What ever. We still won but only cos they were horrible attackers. I just worry if i go up and we end up with 2 th10s if the game s gonna do something stupid like matcch us with frickin 5 th11s. Anyway im kinda making the transition in my mind and reluctantly converting my thought process to th10 so the timing is kinda good for me. Cheers pb for the content. Its always really helpful

  12. The variety of attacks is exactly why i havent moved up yet. I love th9. Its so fun. Th10 just seems restricted to me.

  13. awesome bro i just went th 9. 2 weeks ago for same reason game kept matching my th 8 cant to maxed th 9 clans lol

  14. Hi Powerbang ! Can you make a TH 10 base? Tq

  15. what are you going to do for when you reach 75k subs?

  16. it's really good lots of YouTube showing th9 and th11 war strategy at this moment finally you are here, heartly warm welcome to th10 , hope you will show us your incredible 3s strategy time by time and also encourage us to be stay at here for long times ???

  17. God almighty get a life

  18. Nooooooo! The reason I love this channel is for TH 9 content!

  19. I just went for TH10 a few weeks ago, so I'm excited to follow this and see your new type of content. I'm expecting a lot of war related TH9.5 goodies! :-D

  20. good luck

  21. Hell Ya.i was waiting for this day for long time. GL PB

  22. So what kind of war attack are you pondering now?

  23. PB on TH 10 yeah. cant wait to see you in th10 3star action. PBG best channel ever….