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TH9s 3 Starring TH10 in Clash of Clans Round 7

Some 9s step up and take out their lower 10s last war. Hope you guys learn something and enjoy the vid. Check out my Patreon page and help support the …


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  1. well that farming clan is at least a good one. I mean look at their walls and heroes. At least they are not just pure dumb rushing. Still would like if they at least tried to copy good bases :(

  2. Do you think to make TH9 attacks harder in war that supercell might release an update giving TH9's the opportunity to build an inferno tower? That would make the attacks harder and more difficult to three star. Anyone who reads this feel free to reply and share your opinion. :D

  3. ahh onehive loses to open modders…

  4. Where is Hell?

  5. I thought it was th9 vs th10 but it even was a th9 vs a th11 (very odd base btw)

  6. great, informative videos! have to mention that your voice kinda sounds like Christian Slayter

  7. These videos are bittersweet. I enjoy the attacks but they always happen during boring wars, reminding me of the average dull wars we get in Genesis.

  8. What was up with Sunnis base? A lot of max walls and rushed defended looked quite odd

  9. hey jake saw a lot of three star attacks using dragons in your last video i thought drags were pretty much useless after th8. Any chance of an attack strategy video for th9s and 10s using the 6 or 7 dragon strategy?

  10. oh lost to ee

  11. Love the videos, keep it up Jake

  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO sunni has nice walls for those defenses

  13. last time i came this early my comdom ripped

  14. 49 Attacks 13 Stars? They cant be that bad… Dude you put 2 ths outside??

  15. This is why you don't rush your bases folks ?.

  16. Last time I came this early I lost my girlfriend

  17. great video as always Jake

  18. I 3 star a rush th10 with my th8 base lol

  19. I love how you use the same thumbnail every time anyways good video :)

  20. 2nd

  21. first