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TH9s 3 Starring TH10s in Clash of Clans Round #6

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  1. Hey Jake, thank you for the great content: I finally 3* a fully maxed th9 thanks to you. I'm also over at DooM where you did a patrion video. Question for coffee and clash: I see some of your replays using quad quake and others with 1 or 2 jumps spells: when do you know to use them? Are there any advantages?

  2. Again nice vid..Jake..Its sure looks like easy,,yet its hard..Have just 3starred a TH10 rushed…lvl2 inferno.. th8.7 walls..th9 ..th8 def..Just tried mass witches.. and its great feel to 3 mirror base 80% always TH10 and Im maxed TH9.. Wiil plan to go 9.5 or super 9.5..Whats ur suggestion?

  3. Retintintin left because he thought that OneHive mods… Norwegians o.O

  4. Hey Jake, could you maybe bring an episode with Th8s Going for 2* against Th9s with high percentage? would be useful for "normal clans" where the 9s need those 3* attempts

  5. Nice video once again ?. Is it safe to say that the bulk of 3 star war strats at th9 involve a queen walk?

  6. LOL MyNamesNotRick is a reference from spongebob and its so funny! is he a new permanent member?

  7. His names Carl confirmed

  8. hell s wbs was unordinary

  9. this series is the only positive thing about mismatches against farm clans and rushed ths

  10. i had this video on the background while doing something else when suddenly I heard you say: " i'm always straight up with you guys" i was like whoo i need to watch this. Jake is going at it again! hehe you got me there

  11. Tell rick .. I said hi

  12. 144 views nice and maybe the guys name is bob need some reserch for the name though

  13. Farming is back !

  14. Was Wreck A Bus a member of one hive at a time?

  15. Jake please do another episode of death of a th10 because although this is interesting the strategy that you guys do to gradually take out a th10 imo is much more interesting

  16. Hey Jake, MyNamesNotRick by the way :P

  17. I have wared with Hell once, he is straight out amazing.

  18. the thumbnail looks awesome nice video keep it up

  19. nice Video jake. Thx (:

  20. WOW! I got here Quick! 500 Likes and Jake Becomes Ceo of Supercell!!

  21. Hi Jake,
    Been a huge fan and a longtime sub, and I love the content! Keep it up!
    C&C question, could you please share some of your TH10 war expertise on Defense or on an attack strategy other than GoLaLoon with a queen walk? Thanks as always!

  22. Nice video, One hive!

  23. Nice

  24. This is a good series, makes the dull wars more interesting in the recap