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That Takes GUTS! ♦ Clash of Clans ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. I'll be honest with you CoC doesn't take guts it's a video game all you have to do is tap the screen.. people play this game to much for some people this game is there life.

  2. This beats clash ROYALE any day

  3. saying goes no guts no glory and it paid off for dudash…thrilling end hehe

  4. Talk prospect like xkqli shore nor.

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  6. 0:08 i m the guy u was attcking!!!!! ???

  7. definitely gutsy move of the week

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  9. Hope you make some more interesting clash videos,This one was great.

  10. H E Y. G A L A D O N. !!! I think epics in clash royale needed to be more easier to find since no F2P player had standard level epics!!

  11. use my code on feature points

  12. Channel is dead

  13. Galadon no you're dying off

  14. OMG the outcome of this video… that last raid had the most intense win ever

  15. It is so fun

  16. I wonder why people dont like coc

  17. Write ur own message at least. These copy paste messages makes u all look stupid.

  18. yes more coc vids

  19. in clash royale if you check TV royale and go on arena 5 (spell valley) there's a bunch of level 1 people destroying players

  20. my daddy galadon uploading sum cock

  21. Awesome video, love the coc videos

  22. هاذ شجاي يمضرط