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THE BEST Town Hall 8 (TH8) WAR BASE Anti-3 Star (AnTi Gowipe/Dragon/Goho) + Replays All Combo

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  1. very good base friend, greetings from Argentina

  2. nyce base myan… keep it up!!!

  3. One attack was worse than the other. I can see this base getting 3 starred by properly played govaho or simple goho by th8. It is anti dragon and anti pekka for sure but cannot say the same about the hogs. Good try tho

  4. but they are made by inexperienced attacks , it is upsetting

  5. im th9 with walls lvl 9

  6. jack can i join you clan? ?

  7. Jack thanks for making a th8 base

  8. الهجمة الاخيرة التنين و صاعقة مستوى 5 و زلزال و تسرية كان ممكن ياخذ 3 نجوم

  9. th 10 anti volkyrie plse

  10. Great base!Is it possible for you to make a resource base for th8 soon?

  11. Suscribe to my channel im a gfx

  12. finally had a new video!!

  13. please build th8 anti 3stars thank you i love your video

  14. حلوا

  15. new th8.5 farming base plz no xbows Archer tower and no wiz tower too ,liked subscribed love your video's

  16. can u make a th9 troll trophy base ?

  17. will try this base out surely,looks decent.Nice job bro.

  18. love ur bases jack

  19. Gagal pertama

  20. 2nd

  21. first