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  1. Would a lvl 20 queen and a lvl 11 king be good enough for that strategy or should I add some extra wiz since my king is low lvl?

  2. de latom balint

  3. THE MagyarokK clan is a good clan

  4. én se

  5. balint en nem talalom a tied

  6. Join in COC MagyarokK clan pls

  7. i like ur video bro i sub now. . i hope u never make a video about clash royale that game is nonsense ??

  8. PB, always love your videos. Your strategy walkthroughs have exponentially upped my 3 starring rate. I appreciate it and I'm sure MANY others do as well. Keep up the work!

  9. could you stop making that strange sound every time you run out of air you fatt ass

  10. PB, wondering what lvl heros would be a minimum to try this strategy. i have lvl 13 king and 15 queen.

  11. Is this primarily for anti-3 bases?

  12. 4:13 What is the purpose of the goblins in the cc?

  13. PB, i must say i use to be torn between which videos i liked more between yours and jake from one hive. But everytime one hive loses in a random match up, it's claimed to be due to modding clans. I'm just tired of hearing the lack of dignity during a loss. You definitely have my full attention when watching ur vids and recaps

  14. Hasn't it always been the case that receiving a decent level troop from 1 or 2 TH levels above you makes your own attacks relatively easy? I remember as a TH6 receiving level 4 hogs and 3 starring TH7’s. So why should we be surprised that a TH9 receiving bowlers from a TH10 can design a strong attack on another TH9? I am not saying it would be easy, but a solid player should be able to do that.

  15. Rising WHF!! Thx PB

  16. #2888c0p this clan has 3 leaders check it out.

  17. great original strat. Thanks for the vid. Does seem like this would take a lot of practice to get down – needing extensive golem funneling with jumps and improve reading skills of both base and troop direction on when to drop additional golems/wbs before bowlers reach areas unprotected. Are there certain base builds that this attack works better on?

  18. hurts to watch this video we don't have access to bowlers

  19. Watch my vid

  20. Need base building videos!

  21. you need a good base design? look on my channel and have fun:)

  22. Low volume? :(

  23. Great Channel… (Makes me got update my attack videos with the newer stratedgies)… I have a streak of about 15 wins since using HGHB.. its so powerful and more fun than Mass Valks… Its good for me because it's idiot proof! HAHA.. keep up the great work PB

  24. Is there any uses for dragon for 11s? If yes – can u make a video of it?

  25. I really wanna try all these th9 bowler strategies, but our clan only has th9s, so no one can donate them to me :(

  26. yo powerbang do some more th 10 strategies