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The Builder’s Hut #2 – TH10/11 Anti-3 Stars Wall Skeleton

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  1. Thanks for the great content. You made base building look interesting. I used to make a new base every arranged war at TH.9, but forgot that part of the game after i took a break and came back.

    I heard you are taking a break too. Just take it easy and make sure you have fun doing what you doing, whether its clash, youtube or real life. I have taken a few breaks from clash myself and the game is always still there when you come back.

  2. There are only a few video series that make me feel the need to take notes, but this is one. great content! thanks for bringing it to us

  3. hey chisin, thank you very much for another great video. It's really sad to see you leaving coc. really enjoyed your content, especially the war recaps. it helped a lot by learning and implementing new strats. thank you chisin

  4. Nice video chisin :D

  5. nice :D

  6. Great vid Chisin!

  7. Very insightful video, thank you!
    I liked the structure and explanations – well done.
    Looking forward to the next one incorporating the added troops and changes with xbows/wts/its.

  8. the first wall skeleton you showed look pre poison spell update for me, after the poison spell update i've seen mainly dragon flower bases with AD 5 tiles away from the wall or plus (because of AQ walks). Am i right ?
    And great video man, i already love this serie !