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The Chubby Bunny Challenge with my Sister!!!

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  1. lol Ata this is a great challenge vid btw the best video i watched whole day and you brought a smile to my face <3

  2. what happen to us playing mw2 on 360 lol left me ..

  3. Wow you guys are great at putting stuff in your mouth. I guess you probably get a lot of practice from sucking dick…

  4. all 4 of u guys should do it in the next family friday

  5. is that nesquick's gf

  6. don't delete please I want to say Hello nice video

  7. Dude do more challenges like these with your brothers and sisters there fun but please also do Sword Gameplay in BO3!!!

  8. Your two brothers look alike and you and your sis look alike

  9. I Always Like wanna Kick some one in Their Ass When They Like "Clash with cam or Like Jeff gets crafty or Atakski" Leave a Comment in Their Bro Channel and atleast a person said "Love Your Vid" then at the end They Ask for a Shout Out.

    i Freakin' Don't Like Those People…

  10. Lmao nice video! ? I wanna try that challenge now haha

  11. she's good with her mouth ;)

  12. lol

  13. 10/10 would smash

  14. wait I lost count

  15. oh nvm

  16. what? who won

  17. i was referred to u by jeff gets crafty… wats my prize?? 😀 great channel

  18. She has more MUSLCE than me…FMLLLLLLLLL

  19. Your sister is sexy

  20. So You guys have a sister wow You guys are all good looking like seriously

  21. good game ?

  22. +Atakski you have 3 other siblings right because I have 12 other siblings


  24. didnt know you had a sister, super cute, but great vid atta, love ur fam bro, keep it up

  25. I wish people would do better challenges like this. Do the condom challenge next with Chris and Jeff!

  26. You look so cute together

  27. CQOTD: Do you have any special Easter traditions that you celebrate?

  28. She hella cute

  29. Woah!Robert tell your sister she's stunning for meh lol

  30. Where does she fall in the order of siblings? Younger or older than Chris?

  31. Wow natural beauty

  32. do it with Chris or cam

  33. CQOTD, is your sister, chris and Jeff sister to. I watched chris's draw my life and it never included a female!

  34. lol

  35. cam*

  36. can*

  37. can got a sis!!! ? ??

  38. I have to tell the truth it was not that funny

  39. Hilarious

  40. her tattoo looks awesome

  41. I thought that was his girlfriend and I was like at least one of the the brothers have a cute girl.

  42. Who else seen the spit fly out of her mouth at 5:42