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The Clash Of Clans TH11 Update Sucks For 90% Of Players- Nothing New For Most

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  1. I'm a th8 i'm afraid to collect any gold now from my cc in war cause i know i'll lose it all in about 2 minutes so i jut collect it and spend it all on walls, when i have 3 teslas and 1 more archer tower to max out i'm so close but it got way to hard after this update i can't find any loot to unless i search for about 30-45 minute son average and then i lose it all i'm just doing war now see if i can get loot from that

  2. I agree, I have a clan full of school kids and we war twice a week. nothing for any of us. They've actually taken away everything that made the game possible if you are a kid who can only clash for half an hour a day – no shield for the th, no farming, all the inactive bases have gone. There is no loot, anywhere – oh, yeah, I hear in champions II the loot is great but how are we supposed to get up there and without loot upgrade how long would we last?Austerity has come to Clash, some moron economics major has told them that if they cut off the lower bases from loot somehow everyone will become richer. They'll have to change it back but how many kids, and adults, will lose a game they loved before they do?

  3. 100% agree. I'll max my th9 tomorrow. Before update I planned to start upgrading to th10. But now no way. Fuckin' update killed the game. Th sniping was comfortable for my farming. I think it's not efficient to spend 150k+ of elixir and a whole barrel of dark elixir to get 300k loot while archers for 40k elixir could farm the same amount. in this update the supercell says to us – if U don't spend money – f*ck off the game! I quit

  4. Yep you said it around 1:50 this update only benefits maxed town hall 10

  5. agree, they kill the farming and the system shield is sooo suck..i dont have mood to play this game anymore

  6. Preach man… one of the most truest vids I've seen. COC is dead now. As a th9 and my bro a th10, the game is busted and broken. Like you said, no more farming, you get loot then get sexed and lose it all.

  7. first off I loved the video. gotta say I 100% agree with everything you've said here. however this game in my honest opinion turned to shit when they put skill based match making into the game. that's pretty much what it is. and this update made it even worse. I want to choose who I face in multiplayer battles. the loot penalty was enough. let me choose. but no, in order to even get a good raid now you have to sweat and go full tryhard. that's not fun to me. that's what clan wars were for. now as for this update? it was the final shot to the head for me. farming is now 100% gone, boosting anything now is a waste, each time you get raided its a all or nothing raid(you lose 300+k). it's ridiculous. yes you are right. now? there's almost no way to do anything without paying money. as for the players you said quit the game, remember this. supercell is a business and at the end of the day they care about the money to be made. they don't care who quits. this update was geared towards players who blow their whole check on this game. if your not paying, they don't care. I doubt they'll fix anything. I've been hoping they'd put matchmaking back now for months. they won't. this update is no different. all in all, money talks and bullshit walks. you wanna play now? better break out the money. this game has been ruined but this update finished it off. flawless victory for supercell.

  8. The only reason I hate this game now is that supercell is trying to force you to spend money. By doing that they put over 15% of your storage to your town hall. (And if you also realised that the storage for max th9 used to be 8 001 000, it is now 8 000 000) they also made it so now you have to get 30% on someone's base to get them. 12 hours of shield. So now town hall sniping won't give the defender shield. Also, the sniper will get around 100k each and about 200-400 dark elixir. And now losing money that still makes them vulnerable to attack. Another reason I hate this game is because it is only good for the th10s because the new th11 upgrade is pretty much the only good part of the update. Making less than 5% of COC players liking this update. But it is a huge let down for th5s and up. I just got to th8 last month and I was so exited to max out my wizard towers and mortars and so I begun farming. Until that day…. 10th December 2015. I lost over 1 million gold cos I had no Shield.

  9. I heard there is a way to get paid to play this game?

  10. I completely agree. It's bullshit.

  11. Ok so I get what Supercell is trying to do. Take away easy farming, thus taking away town hall sniping and giving an easy shield. We're suppose to play the game properly and raid properly by using a mass set of troops and not just barching all the time. What they DON'T understand is I'm a maxed out town Hall 10. lvl 150, been playing since day 1. Me as a maxed TH 10 still gets wiped out for 350k of each resource. I have a fricken solid base with maxed defence. I still get wiped out. There is no safe spot for any town hall. We are all doomed with this game.

  12. So now I'm clanless

  13. true, i am a th9 almost maxed except walls. after the update i could not get a singel wall done. like wtf??

  14. I tried coming back to this game… It's no longer possible to enjoy this game without spending serious money on it. I'm not down with that at all.

  15. i have a almost maxed th9 and hoping Super$ell makes some changes to this new update soon. If they choose to try and make you gem more to advance, I'm done . I think the strategy in level 11 is for super$ell to make a pile of gold

  16. i have a almost maxed th9 and hoping Super$ell makes some changes to this new update soon. If they choose to try and make you gem more to advance, I'm done . I think the strategy in level 11 is for super$ell to make a pile of gold

  17. I'm a new th 9. I spent at least a year and a half on th 8 trying to upgrade everything, even the walls. I farmed the entire time cause I don't care about trophies or anything like that. coc was a good time waster and helped calm my ass down on rough days. I'm a casual player and this update did absolutely nothing for me. I'm getting almost 300k from either clashing or from the wars, and as soon as I get raided, its all gone. I just spent that much time and resources trying to get that loot and some fucker just came around and took it from me in under 2 minutes. this update fucking sucks and has pretty much ruined Clash of clans for me. whoever was in charge of this update needs to be fired immediately. cause they hyped this update so much, saying it was going to be the best one of the year, and it turned out to be complete shit. coc lost so many players because of this update that unless they fix it, they're going to lose even more. thanks supercell, thanks for ruining a perfectly good game because of your greed.

  18. I'm made it to New York

  19. Im TH8 and I stop playing the game since TH11 update

  20. Tô.OP Likee, Nicee 😉