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The curious case of Muffy’s dancing archers | Clash of Clans glitching troops

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  1. That is actually an ancient hidden spell known as the dance spell. It is
    seen only every 2,000 years, making it the rarest thing in the whole of
    Clash of Clans. The prophecy states that Stud is therefore the Chosen
    Muffin and a CoC legend. He shall be worshipped like a god for discovering
    the secrets of how troops dance and his tale of greatness will live on for
    all eternity.

    Anyway, on a more serious note,

  2. I would be raging if that was my raid??

  3. Omg and this poor boy would have become 2 stars! :(

  4. Im guessing because archers normally shoot at a distance so if they jumped
    over the wall they would be to close and the walls were blocking where they
    would standthen and they didn’t shoot over the wall because it was too far.

  5. Wtf is the muffin man music

  6. Daddy Thanks so much for uploading videos there all awesome but can you do
    more farming tutorials I love them so much

  7. Lesson learned: archers lose their brain if they stand next to a Jump spell

  8. Oh gosh that old music hahahaha! Those archers are just drunk nothing else!

  9. This vid hurt my brain GREAT JOB SUPERCELL UR ALMOST AS BAD AS EA lol that
    ai for

  10. I don’t know why but I laughed so hard???


  12. Ajjajaj good video

  13. those are some awesome archers Daddy

  14. Lol hahaha, that’s a serious glitch supercell should fix and I miss the old
    videos which u use your hands to record ( hand video ). XD 

  15. What the actual hell lol

  16. hahahaha LOL

  17. That obviously went according to Potatos’ plan

  18. I would throw my phone out the window is that happened to me

  19. Umm Daddy lol what was that music it scared me lol 

  20. HAHAHA! i dont think archers can jump on jump spells, i havent seen them do
    it! Great video Daddy

  21. Lol butthurt 

  22. hahahaha

  23. Hi

  24. Thats made me smile haha