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The Cutest Kitten EVER

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  1. looks ezactly like mine

  2. I had the same kind of cat last year (got outside and couldn't keep up) . named her spyro. made me happy seeing your cat. reminded me of my own :)

  3. ohhhh so cute

  4. ClashWithGalaxy :P

  5. cam dont make excuses for your attacks #kam sucks (kidding)

  6. Subbed cam couse he looks like david de gea then i realised that he is awesome youtuber :D!

  7. Cam i love your videos

  8. yaaasssGalxy is love.  Galaxy is life.

  9. Bro pls open your clan am so near to max th 7 by the way your kitten ? is so cuteeeee!!

  10. Boy you look awesome with facial hair..

  11. Nice Cat Chris ;)

  12. Yes we enjoyed

  13. the how to play series should be everyday, day 1 ,2,3 like that!!

  14. Boy you look awesome with facial hair..

  15. cuteeeeeeeeeee!what other can i say?cuteeeeeee!

  16. #niggacat

  17. New channel called clash of clans with kitten

  18. lol nice cat

  19. now we saw the soft side of you cam <3

  20. Ok lol

  21. #FamousGalaxy

  22. cute?, but every time I see a cute cat it reminds me of my cat…..that died last week ?

  23. nice and cant wait for the vid.

  24. I bet she can attack better than you;)

  25. cute xD



  27. such a cite kitty

  28. #camLovesCats

  29. Cam plz open a clan where all ur subscribers can join and connect with u in clash of clans:-)

  30. SO CUTE!

  31. I'm sorry but my kittens is better and BTW my vids are inspired by you so if u ever had the chance to comment on one!!!!!! Dude I would die

  32. plz make a th7 strategy

  33. hey

  34. I wanna hug it so badly :3