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the DEATH of a RING BASE! 3 Star Bowler Breakdown Th11 Clash Of Clans

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  2. Jwall? U got John Wall in ur clan? Damn lol

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  4. Best base?

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  8. in CR can I create elite nation 10

  9. I see many ask for a TH10 version of this attack and you mentioned that you don't use this attack strategy on your TH10 without pointing out why not, which would be interesting to know. I also wonder that you keep your ring-base knowing that bowler attacks work very well against those, if not even better. I was trying anti-bowler bases … the few I could find… and they all don't work, so is the message here that a ring-base is still the best chance that a minor error ends up in a 1 star where all the other bases are just easier to 3 star even if there is a slide error in troop deployment ? – and finally how should a base look like to counteract bowler attacks as it seems that there are not enough wall bricks to make enough distance between walls all around. With trophy hunters all whats needed is 1 star to get up a little further and I cant imagine a base which is hard to 1 star with this attack strategy, making the legend league a joke with no skills required just a lot of time to push out as many attacks a day as possible, which is far more then before since the heroes are nearly always at full health at the end of the attack keeping down time short, specially if u boost the dark barracks.

  10. Aye I have that base for my th11 and Bowler walk is Bae? nice Video Ash?

  11. Would you recommend substituting giants for the golem if you're going after a TH10 and not having to worry about the eagle artillery?

  12. Hey what are your thoughts on defense. I personally believe that attacks are becoming to easy. Like every war boils down to the top 4 bases not being 3 starred. So basically saying 3 stars are becoming kinda easy at times and a winning defense is not being 3 starred. As long as you spam the right troop you could always get 1 star and mostly get 2 – 3 stars.

  13. Ash I like you're channel but please don't do the 666 sign at the front of your video. I am guessing that seeing everyone else do it just made you do it but it is a Satan sign. People do it without realizing what it actually means.

  14. base th10 farming and war please ?

  15. "Ring bases come in all sorts of shapes" – Ash Lain 2016

  16. the only tip you gave me is to make a anti bowler base

  17. I haven't seen any YouTuber showing the new LavaLoon strategy since the update. Great if you can show if they are strong at their new levels. All bases with xbows down it would be good to take advantage.

  18. Tnx for the new tips sir☺☺

  19. This technique is shit!!! I mean, the video is great for sure and so is the attack.. but Im fed up with supercell!!! Everytime they release a new update there's something broken!!!!

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  22. Nice video Ash! These pesky open bases can be quite the hassle! Bowlers are bit unpredictable but definitely powerful. There were some great tips in the video to help better predict how your troops will move throughout the attack and how to crack these bases a bit more consistently. Great job! :)

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  24. Ash plz give war Base fr th9 without xbows???

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  27. 40-40-20 hereoes + bowler max… that's the strategy

  28. Try the King Walk strategy

  29. Always a good watch. You made a decision on making that music video for the witches? lol

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  31. Could you please do a TH 10 version of this as it would be really useful as a TH 10 against the bases. Will it work with lvl 1 bowlers or do you need lvl 2

  32. Bowlers are gonna be nerfed soon

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