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The Death of a TH10 Episode #5

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  1. Bless you !

  2. I thought a spell at 6 oclock would have give. Queen another air defense and an inferno

  3. why is everyone talking about reacting and suing?

  4. please make these more often

  5. Best series of them all right herr

  6. Hey have you heard FineBros are trying to trademark these: "react", "opinion" and "gaming"… so if you are making any video on these topics you're going to either pay them licencing fees or get banned from youtube (and other streaming services)?
    Please do some investigation on this and make a video on this topic… they have been bullying little channels for while now… but this time they have aimed for too much!! please up vote this do that Jake can see it!

  7. Just wondering, do you get any first-hit TH10 3-stars?

  8. my most favorite series at the moment. even if im still th9. just 8 hero levels left :>

  9. I have been looking for a good YouTuber for awhile. Glad I can finally find one.

  10. check out my new yt account. startet today and try to upload every second day a video;)

  11. my favourite series

  12. What's the perfect army build for the queen walk at TH9 with a air attack

    Attacking a TH9 base

  13. C&C : Hey Jake, what are your thoughts on the giant healer strategy at th9. I am seeing it more and more in arranged war match ups and clans are getting a lot of first attack 3 stars on our th9s with it.

  14. Keep up the good work!

  15. beautiful teamwork as always. please keep em coming Jake. love the death of a th10 vids!!

  16. One of the reasons her attack seemed to go better was the lava hound deployment, she (purposely, I assume) avoided a black air mine with them meaning a loon ate it instead. All meaning the hound was still up at the end tanking.

    I've always assumed that you would want your loons to eat them air mines over the hounds as it only does 500dmg to a loon while doing full damage to a hound, so why is it that people purposely try to soak up those air mines with hounds, it doesn't makes sense if you can remove it for the cost of one loon..

  17. nice video! gg

  18. sweet new emblem!

  19. I love this series man. Keep it up

  20. C&C: hi jake, really really enjoying your videos. once you said, that it just needs one troop upgrade to balance th10. as it looks to me, there is no need for balncing cause you guys already get used to the mechanics better and better every week. But do think that a hogrider upgrade would bring more diversity into th10 attack strategy?….because its queen walk golaloon we see now for the most part

  21. bless you jake

  22. Love it Jake

  23. really less attempts for the 3 star maybe th10 will be a fair game

  24. Ur videos r amazing dude…!!! Keep it up…!!

  25. Great War! Cheers /Psycho

  26. pwc shud rematch pwc

  27. CC Question: What do you think about the addition of a lvl one inferno tower at TH9 to balance out defense and offense?

  28. I want Megan for next live with Onehive. Attacking a tough base on a fresh hit will be better to watch!