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The End of Cheating in Clash of Clans?

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  1. So awesome to HEAR you smiling all the way through this video haha. I couldn't contain my smile either.

  2. YES ! YES ! YES ! finally ? now all modders can leave the game ,woooooooooooooooo train

  3. SC staff have some low intelligence quotients because we have been saying this for ages……modders mod on established villages.. like you said Jake "thanks for the $, banned" SC is a company with no God damn business sense whatsoever

  4. Great news. When modding bases finally die, they should show up first in multiplayer attack search so fair players can run over them for quick loot. :)

  5. look at all the modders disliking the video lmao

  6. I'm using xmod for one purpose is to search me my attacks! I'm in titan and as th9 it's pretty hard to find I mean it takes time so what I use xmod for is just to search while I do something else..

  7. Mom I'm going pro for CoC

  8. the people that dislike this video must be the modders and cheaters

  9. I'm so happy about this, we've only lost one war to modders but this helps a ton! Good Job Supercell ya fixin' ya damn game!

  10. It's about time, let's make clash great again!

  11. #MakeClashGreatAgain

  12. Thank god almighty, we are free at last.

  13. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  14. Here comes the whoooooooooo train lol

  15. Yeah, congratulations SC for killing the only fun part about the game that goes to deeper levels than any of u noobs. Have fun creating new strategy with 2 attack Per war. Cracking TH11 anti 3s could have been its own game. What should people do once they master th9? High percentage 2 stars??? NICE. Yall will realize the game is just as dead and boring even without modders. I watched OneHive videos since the first Hitchhikers.. I'm not the devil I just enjoy playing the game at a level thats far beyond drawing some plans on a TH9.

  16. this comment section gives me cancer


  18. So the real question. Will this change anything for hulk?

  19. Woooooooooo!

  20. rip mod = rip clash
    stupid FP nazi

  21. I may have to start playing again, I quit about a month ago because I had finally lost all hope for the game. Definitely great news, but Vainglory is still much better!

  22. is that the reason why master weet came clear?

  23. Using a bot is matter of convenience; because, for me at least, I don't have the time nor interest to push the damn next
    button. With that being said, I strongly believe this forum post was just a bluff :)

  24. Clash of clans is a dying game, I've had and finished my fun with it and while it lasted it was great! 1y2m of playing!

  25. inb4 Jake gets banned

  26. It's funny that SC finally did something after Cam had giving them a bad reputation due to the mod incident in their tournament.