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The “Fair” Friendly Challenge Alternative

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  1. Annoying – they remove modding and add their own version of modding. They finally made war fun again and then they ruined it.

  2. I couldn't agree more. As stated the friendly challenge kills wars. I like the solution you've offered. It is a fair compromise. If I have to spend hours practicing to crack a base I'm out of the game. It's not fun and I simply don't have the time

  3. idk man..first supercell messed up the farming community, now they are going to potentially destroy the fair play war community. It feels like they just want coc gone slowly so that they can focus on CR more. Your method is good jake but only if they put it in the game. The next update will be the end of fair play war if they dont take any measures. Long live coc, Imma enjoy my war as much as I can until the update now :(

  4. Killer idea jake, love it!

  5. This could still be abused sort of.

    Step 1) Get a sister clan with similar level accounts – for this clan, we do not care about the win/loss record. Step 2) Run wars offset with your main clan lagging by ~22-23 hrs. Step 3) When your alt clan's prep day is almost finished, you should just barely be finding a matchup with your main clan. Once you've found a match, copy all their bases to your alt clan, whose prep day is just ending. Step 4) Anybody that doesn't change their base within the 24 hrs now has a crackable base for your primary opponent.

    So it's sort of abusable, but only if people don't update their base sometime between finding a war match & battle day.

  6. Great idea, Jake. I like it but am concerned that it is too different from the dev team's original idea and therefore has no chance of getting implemented. The cool down timer is not perfect but is probably our best chance to save the game for war-minded players. It's scary how many of my fellow clanmates have already said that this is a deal killer for them. And we have survived a lot of b.s over the years. lol

  7. If Jake was running SC i feel like the game would be so much better!

  8. I don't think that casual players or trophy pushers would like your suggestion, they like the idea of not having to click on there war button, and to still be able to do the friendly challenge

  9. They said they were going to get rid of modders and basically modded their own game…..holy shit.

  10. So sad i watch your videos for a year …waste of time to hear a worst opinion .. let me see your opinion just describ how much that your clans weak nd they cant to crack a th11 s so when they play against ex moders they will lose cause they know moders clans they can crack any base .. keep on line and one of you th 9 tell your th11s how to attack

  11. Hay Jake not that I want you to, but I'm viewing the situation realistically, if you quit clash of clans will you try to go pro in vain glory with all of your new free time? Also would you change your channel name to TheMainVain, battles on the fold? (or something along those lines?

  12. well jake, it hurts the ultracompetive war clans. it's good for everybody else. people would have to put an hour in build oppenents bases & 2 hrs practice. normal people won't do it. might help theory craft.

  13. blah blah blah!!!! keep crying

  14. The friendly battle feature seems awesome and I cannot wait for it. At the end of the day people will cheat. I dislike the idea of waiting 48 hours to use your base but of course i realize the reasoning. Our only option as of right now is to accept and adapt.

  15. Yup, good alternative.

  16. good idea.. I actually thought the same thing immediately I saw this news on my clash.  Don't understand or fathom how they couldn't figure this is exactly what they should have done from day one. Rather than try to become imod xmod whatever tool people with no life use.  They should go back and read their post just barely a month old… about promoting fair play.  The idea is great but they need to refine it.  Hopefully we all get a surprise when this hits..

  17. This idea defeats the purpose of the update. since everyone is going to have access to this feature, why do we need to find a solution for this. Bases are meant to be 3 starred, thats why we have the star counter bar on the bottom right during an attack. i believe we need to give it a chance. before we get upset on this update. it will affect war, yes. but not significantly

  18. Simple solution would be to disable the friendly tournament features once war search starts. It resumes when war ends.

  19. I like this idea but it doesn't account for casual base designers who want to challenge their clanmates to a troll base that you would NEVER use in clan war.

  20. Very good idea. i totally support that.

  21. I'm not a war guy, but I think that's a reasonable compromise.

  22. Play VG tonight?

  23. Awesome idea Jake. They could have this alongside an option where any two people can challenge each other but the base made can't be attacked for 48 hours, so people can still make bases and challenge each other. They would have this to keep them busy until they could attack newly created ones.

  24. even on the forum there's clearly some hesitation about the abuse of this. Not just here at the HQ for FP, so I think they WILL make some changes.

  25. it amazes me how many ppl, including certain youtubers who were so against modding think this is the best thing since sliced bread, what a total fing joke.

  26. Bandwagon, but this is what we have known for ober a year. The majority of the push and war community that spend money, mod. And this showed as soon as bans rolled out. SC daily revenue plummeted to lows its never even close to seen before. Im sure whatever gurus crunch numbers over there are looking for new jobs now. Regardless of the fact that we adapted new methods to safely mod in less than 24hrs after bans rolled out. It is an endless war that would be tiresome, but most importantly to SC at a substantial financial loss. SC only logical remaining option is to offer a solution to the game that allows them to ignore the cries of the FP community. As far as wether or not it will be well received i think only revenue can change their mind to revert back to the old method. This is my honest opinion.

  27. disable while you have war timer > disable during war (you can only exploite with a second account)

  28. It's a good idea, jake, but it won't be implemented. Our only hope is that they add some sort of tournament feature where there isn't enough time to practice. Or some sort of other war feature where it wouldn't work. I'm left hoping that they realize there is a sizeable user base that wants fresh war hits, it's been the cornerstone of war since its inception. They have to have something up their sleeve, else why ban modding NOW? Their feature makes mods useless, why go to the effort of banning them?

  29. This would be a fantastic idea but it only serves the war community. What about people in clans that never war? The friendly challenge feature still needs to work for them. I really hope they include your idea for re-attacking bases after war for practice but there needs to be a better front-end solution. What if the friendly challenge feature (both as the defender and the attacker) was not available to players during war (prep and battle day)? To take that idea even further, this lock-out could be applied only to players in clans whose war schedule is constant or two times weekly, and the matchmaking algorithm could limit matchups between those serious clans and the casual clans (never war or one time weekly). Sure, there will be alternate accounts, minis, etc… but that represents an even smaller portion of the war community and most who have alt accounts probably don't have the same TH and troop levels so the benefits of sandboxing a war opponent ahead of time would be reduced.

  30. A great solution to a terrible idea. I know we make up the 2% of players, however it's unfair to ruin competitive wars.

  31. im all for free play and I love your idea

  32. coc.. too little too late.. R.I.P

  33. Good idea.


  35. I think another alternative to reduce "practicing" war attacks would be to keep the opponents bases a mystery, like they did with clan castle troops until war starts. If players have about 47 hours to practice attacks on opponents' bases, maybe keeping the bases a mystery for 24 hrs could make a difference. Idk, just my opinion…