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The Grand Warden is awesome! Clash of Clans with Elfblade! #23

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  1. OMG! your base is insane! Keep it up :D

  2. Great stuff.
    so am I right in saying that when you have destroyed the other players garden. when they go online do they have to rebuild everything they built over again?

  3. Sick bro! I liked and subscribed could you please return! ;)

  4. I feel like you'd be good at commentating sports or game competitions or something

  5. whats up elf blade

  6. bruhhh your base is dopeee!
    damn Warden puttin in some serious work woooo!

  7. Lazer beams! YESH! dude why do I love these so much haha, so much action! There is way too much to learn haha. So much knowledge so much hype.