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The importance of Heroes for farming and especially war! TH11 game play Clash of Clans

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  1. I just went to shield for 7 days. Reason is that even though I farmed well especially dark elixir. I set myself up to get hit by high level town hall 9's. Now my base is not bad so its going to take a high level 8 or 9 to get to my dark elixir and thats especially when I have 30,000 dark elixir. I'm ready to upgrade my barb king to level 10. But with Town hall 9's lurking around I just went ahead and I USED 250 GEMS FOR A 7 DAY shield. Don't know if I did the right thing. But it's done. I need 7,900 dark elixir left and with using 1 gem on my dark elixir drill I went ahead and did it. My PEKKA is now upgrading to level 2 and now I'm upgrading my Tesla to level 6. I think Tesla's are underrated, because they really put a hurting on hero's. So my emphasis is maxing out Tesla's and walls to level 8. One of my wizards is left to max out and after that I should be town hall 8 maxed out by the end of the month. My question is did I do the right thing by shielding in order to save 40k dark elixir, upgrading tesla's, and PEKKA? Once maxed should I shoot for town hall 9 right away or save dark elixir then upgrade to town hall 9 in order to get my queen quickly? Thanks for any info.

  2. Gold is where I find dead bases I found tons of gold and elixir there. In addition, to dark elixir.

  3. did you see the update announcement? 'loot cart' and 'star bonus'. should change things up as far as more loot goes !

  4. farming is way better lately since the th11, dark elixir is crazy easy too

  5. Yuy