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The Last Video on Cheating in Clash of Clans

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  1. liked this video before watching it lol

  2. After the post-mod ban my clan has just been killing it. Everyone at Lost_Frost loves your channel Jake and we support supercell 100% on fair play. Keep up the great job with the videos Jake!!!

  3. Hey Jake, this maybe something you can talk about for one of your coffee and clash series..recently some1 from our enemy clan went to a clan we had war with and they were able to see the traps & attacks from past war with us… those guys took advantage of the war log feature… it's disabled now.. but how can we show off our achievement. if people are doing nonsense like this… I wonder if supercell can disable past war page for new members… this way all they see is results and not the attacks and bases.. sorry it's long.. thanks for all the videos!!

  4. C&C Question: Do you think you would have still made a CoC channel if you had not been accepted/found OH and went to another war clan?

  5. Holy shit way to go sc!! Now every time we see that sick laloon attack we kno its a beautiful attack. From here on out we kno they are legit!! Let's Go!! And today, I'm busting out the gems there's gna be a lot of loot!!

  6. do you know if they deleted their bases or did they leave them as dead bases?

  7. Jake, u say that th9s are balanced however valks are pretty op. most people can 3 star with valks without putting a lot of thinking in the plan.

  8. I left because of cheating and bad updates and I am not coming back…

    Currently enjoying Vainglory fully…

    The thing is once you leave a game and you get hooked to another game then there is no coming back… :(…

  9. good i hate your videos talking about cheating.

  10. You can tell how happy he is :D

  11. Git gud modders


  13. It's never over, they are using burner mod accounts and sharing the account with hole clan, it gets banned they make a new alt, you can edit hero level, troops so its same as if it was on you account.

  14. What was the maintenance break today for?

  15. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

  16. why was this video necessary

  17. Good for SuperCell!!! ???

  18. Now 71 modders disliking lol.

  19. it still works… people have found a way to have it be undetectable. It's whatever. Modders can be modders fp can be fp. I think what sc is doing is good, they show that they care about their product.

  20. #WeWon

  21. Not the last video. Burners still exist and don't risk the main accounts.

  22. This is the feast of victory! ???

  23. did jake just say "I mod"???? Modding confirmed! jkjk… glad to see this finally happening

  24. #bringbackrex

  25. 66 modders dislike this video. #FairPlay WOOOOOOOOO

  26. Hey Jake I have a question. Do you get permanently banned if you found to having the mods etc… straight away or do you get a 2 week ban and then a permanent ban (if they haven't banned you before).

    Either way; I don't seem how these bans will stop people from using th3s to mod in war :/ and then using the advantage to help their th11s 3 star

  27. Jake cam they use a lvl 10 accs in modding ?.. and its okey if it banned cuz its just lvl 10.. i have like 10 accs from lvl 20/30 using them to make wars in my clan..

  28. jake man lol hahahaha.. you should listen to yourself again lol ur voice like you have a new baby lol

  29. fairplay all the way!!

  30. Great vid jake!

  31. Bullshit, Supercell is banning accounts yeah it's true.
    But they are using burner accounts….

  32. i didnt even know you could cheat on clash???:O