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The Loot is CRAZZZZZZZY – Let’s Clash #156 (Day 292-293)

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  1. Hi Brandon, i got a question, how much loot do you farm in one day? And do you spend your loot right away or do you log off and come back later? BTW great videos keep it up

  2. hi brandon what is your opinion in league of legends7

  3. Omg i dont found that

  4. the only way to get 50% is to get 50%


  5. Hi Brandon. Why do you still have a level 1 wall although you have level 11 and level 10?

  6. ههههههه حلوو ?

  7. hi Brandon, why do you speak English in your videos even though it isn't your first language? keep up the good work :D

  8. Hi Brandon , greetings from Brazil. what are your plans when you finish the let's clash series?

  9. Hello Brandon, when u farm how many times do you fill your storages per day. Also nice videos and progress keep it up.

  10. Hi Brandon,how can you are perfectly synchronized with the game play in donations video?Like when you must level up.
    I say this because I'm pretty sure that you do the commentary after the video.
    Hi from Italy,I watch all of your lives,when I can because here in Italy we are 7 hours back D;

  11. Hi Brandon.I have a question, why you dont upgrade our barch to lvl 7? Goodluck with donating and farming?

  12. Reply to me and you'll make my day! Brandon you're my favourite you tuber and sure make great videos ! In a year you'll have 100000000000000000 subscribers

  13. Rong rushing is not gut

  14. you are the best….kepp doing videos<#

  15. top

  16. Hi brandon why you don't up your barbarians and archers to lvl 7?

  17. hi brandon im from Portugal, why you gonna upgrade the defenses for the last?

  18. <3

  19. After this Update, clash is dead, supercell fucked up so bad??

  20. I'm a new th10(9.5) currently in Gold 2 and having no luck finding any loot, been here 7 days and I've so far only managed to get 1 Camp upgrading, I literally can't find anything yet everyone around me is finding loads!

  21. Top 5: 3 Star Strategies in Clash of Clans on my channel!

  22. Brandon, why do you have a level 1 wall? Is it to do after? Big fan ? ??

  23. Brandon I love this series to much please make just these and your maxing th 11 please

  24. can u join me

  25. Hi Brandon! Could you make a checklist when to upgrade to the next th please? :)

  26. Hi brandon, who do you think will be New Troop?

  27. Ive found so many dead bases i upgraded like 30 wals to level 8 en 12 to 9 in 4 days!

  28. hello brandon i love your clash series. I have a dought u use lots of gems and where u get money from means i think u must br busy playing coc so u probably don't go for work and i love u experience pushing plz continue it ;)

  29. background music at 5.00? anyone knows?

  30. i have a question. BDW hi. I just wanted to ask you why you don't upgrade your collectors and mines? Call me brandon, if u are reading tis comment.

  31. first

  32. Hey Brandon!

    Let's go :)

  33. Ey Is cool play video ya lol

  34. crazy