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  2. CQOTD: U hav hit 1mil SO TELL US, what does hwd mean ?

  3. Miner

  4. Do a clone base, I mean you said it in the vid and I'm just curious what that would be…

  5. CQOTD: If you could go back to any town hall level, which would it be and why…..Btw love your vids

  6. ᎳᎾᎳ ᏆhᎪᏆs Ꭺ-mᎪᏃᎬ-ᎥᏁᎶ!!!!!

  7. Love the vid do golems next time

  8. CQOTD: Are you actually going to meet people or do collabs with Nick, Molt, Cole, and Cam, I remember you telling us that you would in like episode 4 or 5 of pushing to 4000 trophies

  9. DEEZ NUTS gadee!!!!!????? haha p.s do a clan youtube callable ya no godson clash with cam and all those peeps see ya pees

  10. CQOTD : If you could make a game with supercell what would it's name be and what will the setup look like? please answer this is like my 64th try

  11. do it with valkery's

  12. CQOTD: Do you think supercell should make it where you apply to builders to a project and have it go twice as fast

  13. suck poo

  14. So do I can I join

  15. miner vs pekka

  16. rrrrrrrr

  17. I wanna see golems !!

  18. CQOTD: what football or soccer team do u serport

  19. CQOTD Can U do a vid with molt of nickanyte?

  20. It's not fun when you try

  21. I need likes and subs

  22. MYSTL7 if u cud add à Hero what whied hè look's like?

  23. First song name?

    P.S I know it's not darude sandstorm

  24. An all pekka raid? Spammed?

  25. do it with peckas

  26. Couldn't you just go behind the base?

  27. What song is the thumbnail

  28. In ur th11 maze base

  29. Do all golem pls

  30. 1:28 spells say 9/11 mystic did 911 CONFIRMED

  31. my spell would make things giant