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THE MAZE TROLL BASE – Clash of Clans – Weird MAZE TROLL BASE Attack Replays & Funny Moments

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  1. coc attack music sped ul sounds so cool!!

  2. can you do a troll base for town hall 7 thanks

  3. Can You Make A Maze BaseTown Hall 7 Please

  4. the base is full shit
    ill be destroyed 100 % fucking useless y tuber

  5. please when you upload these videos make sure to have the most likely attacks that will destroy the base, gowipe, goho and full dragons

  6. I am a max th8 and this base already got attacked 2 times. I have to say that this base is really good…

    …for getting 3starred by th9s.

  7. I JACK SPARROW COC base vs DiceHD

  8. you are the best base builder bro! lol this base makes giants go in circle

  9. حلو التصميم

  10. Can't wait for TH8, I just have to do the walls for TH7 and a I can upgrade and try that base

  11. How about a TH8 Anti-Lure Base

  12. do th6 troll base

  13. make a th5 trophy or farming base plz

  14. Good maze/base

  15. can u make th8 loot protected base? plz

  16. bro u didnt share the drag attack. i can use this base for war?

  17. rib

  18. once again, thanks for the great vid and all your work. keep it up bro

  19. hi

  20. haz un ayun 9 por

  21. which background dong u used in the video?

  22. which background dong u used in the video?

  23. bro overall base is damm awesome but our dark elixir is completely unsafe…..?

  24. who try it ? its good ?

  25. nice base bro….keep making????

  26. Nice

  27. Nice!

  28. can you make a townhall 9 base (a good one)

  29. Townhall 10 bases, please!

  30. hey game dice u have Kik again ? and any bases for masters

  31. سو تصميم بيت لفل 6

  32. what is this for a bullshit

  33. nice base man

  34. Hey gamedice, it's been a while. Can you make a th9 version of this?

  35. HAHAHA THIS SO FUNNY, YOU ARE AMAZING GameDiceHD a like all you content, please please please can you make a video for th9 please, thank you very much

  36. You forgot to mention TH 8 :-)

  37. Nice man ! =D

  38. thx

  39. this base works, i defended from 3x attack and win, but gamedice….does it work for war base ?….thx

  40. Your are a good Youtuber

  41. Haha noice

  42. home 9 plz

  43. plss can u make th7 troll base

  44. it was crazy !!

  45. which screen recorder do you use?