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The Power of Village Guard | Clash of Clans

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  1. lol…its so simple just spend heaps of gems…lame

  2. bro my base is awesome is defending all the attacks and in 10 defenses only 2 still my dark elixir

  3. the only thing is… every army removes loot, every troop and every spell trained removes loot, and every upgrade removes loot. If the league bonus doesn't make up for that then every raid costs the overall game loot, net. Negative elixir and or dark elixir and a gain of only gold and perhaps one of elixir or dark elixir.

    And they reduced league bonuses in amount, and hugely reduced the number of them that will be generated, and I think ecoonmic disaster is unavoidable unless they have a behind-the-scenes plan to add elixir and dark back in, such as perhaps adding those fabled dead bases back into the search queue or something.

  4. Now with the Update fix out, it is 4 hours before personal break, with a longer free guard at lower leagues. It came out when they released the Christmas thyme app update. Enjoy!

  5. Not trying to pry, but how do u have that much time to attack? Is it only on the weekends bc u work during the week? If u attack during the week what is ur job that u have time to attack?

  6. Like you said, SC is getting more greedy while loosing a lot of average players. It's really catered to higher leagues and gem spenders.

  7. who cares about farming though

  8. clash of gems lol

  9. But, buying Guard is 10 gems for 2 hrs, and boosting barracks is 5 gems an hour and 10 gems 2 hrs to equal the Guard timer. That equals 10 (Guard) + 4×10 (Barracks for 2 hrs) = 50 gems every day. Not that little. Ofc u can go without boosting, but it won't pay off too good.

  10. Mat im at Crystal, Max th9 execpt heroes and walls. I have been saving up resources fine. Sure i get attacked and lose 2.5k d.e. as well every now and then but overall it isn't that bad. I'd say the odds of losing all d.e. Is 1 in 10. I recently (quite easily) saved up 145 k d.e. To upgrade queen from lvl 28 to lvl 29. Only one final level left 🙂 dont know if you're trophy pushing but come down to crytsal, its all good here ;p

    Supercell nerfed super queen big time, not even a farming army anymore -.-
    Have to use GiBarch with spells …

  11. stay low on trophies,I doesn't get any shield since 7days,nobody attack my village.or just drop 1 troops and end game(for decreas trophies).

  12. When can you start doing the "Super queen"? My queen is lvl 15, can I start using this strategy, or do I need a better queen?

  13. I've been doing the aq charge with a lvl 12 queen. Works great for farming. Not very thrilled about the personal break tho.

  14. bro you have gems others DON'T

  15. First comment!