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The Splitter Bonus Replays | Th11 Trophy/War Base | Anti-Queen Walk & Anti-Star

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  1. built it used it first attack 2 starred binned it

  2. Michael bro I wanna join u r clan can I my name is anuj Patel in coc 125 lvl???

  3. Hi, do you have a TH 9 Account? Because I build a base for th 9, but I haven't replays because I use another base (the other base is from you :D).
    Can I send you the screenshot of that base, you build it and you search for own replays?

    PS.: I only get 3starred ones in more then 10 wars.
    PPS.: Sry for my bad english, it's not my motherlanguage ;)

  4. all of these replays either lacked a hero or had some major fails by attackers!