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The State of OneHive 3.0

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  1. So let me get this straight..

    -Supercell bans a guy in genesis because he has software on his phone that alters game files.
    -The guy in question has proven he has a co/gov phone that has TPS installed on it that alter files (which can possibly include coc) on his phone.
    -Genesis wants to look into it before passing judgment because SC can't tell what kind of TPS it is they just know it's TPS.
    -1.0 doesn't care about a trial and investigation they just shout "GUILTY!"

    Am I getting this right? This isn't innocent until proven guilty NOR is it guilty until proven innocent. This is just guilty no questions asked. This has nothing to do with whether that guy mods or not, this about how you guys are basically okay with a witch hunt.

    I am sticking to powerbang from now on, gl jake.. but not really because you and the other leads at OH are shitty assholes. How far you guys have fallen..

  2. its funny how after the ASAP situation how ineffective he has been to the clan since returning. also i didnt name drop before because i wish supercell just flat out banned people without giving them a chance , but megan mo money went from being a 6 star warrior to being irrelevant in wars. she probably has gotten at most 1-2 3star attacks since the ASAP/ khouki drama. i think others are right , you guys havent gotten hit with anything because anyone that was dumb enough to test supercell after all the reported 2 weeks ban would ideally be borderline retarded. to say all your attacks have "probably" gotten better overall is a lie. ASAP and Megan have been abysmal after we all became acustomed to their 3 star attacks on th10 bases. its funny how the 3star attacks are less prevalent now , and even before the reverted 30 second change they went dark after the ASAP / khouki drama occurred. im specifically naming them and not the rest of onehive members. post their spreadsheet performance over the last couple of months and compare that to their performances before ASAP was briefly removed. only post prior to the reverted 30 second timer too , guaranteed night and day.

  3. Was good while it lasted, have a good one man ! Sad to see wrong information being spread, Anyways life goes on.

  4. No more Step One bs. Thank god!

  5. Despite the fact that members like Crispy Crunch (farm bot), Cheetum (farm bot), ASAP (an account that once had iMod on it), Predator (farm bot), were all supposedly "investigated" and given an opportunity to return once cleared, how is this situation any different? The account in question was stripped of leadership status and is banned from war. Just because they didn't physically remove him, you're splitting the family apart? This isn't directed at you, Jake, but Onehive leadership. It's no wonder most clans can't stand Onehive!

  6. First video from Jake I have ever disliked, Jake 1.0 has had many modders in the past period. 1.0 isn't clean as well. You say nobody in OH has been hit with a 2 week ban, most likely because they came out and left you guys such as Master weet did.

  7. I must've not seen, what happens to 2.0??

  8. i believe its the right thing too. OH is more than a "FRIENDS" clan it was a lot of hard work to build a name for the OH clans and to just jeopardize that over a potential modder thats a virtual friend is tough to do. it might be deeper than this but in the end its the right thing to do. lol who signs up to watch OH genesis anyway ?

  9. you're saying you're gonna be entirely open with us but you left pretty much most of their side hidden. Luckily OH gazette made a vid about it. That's very disappointing Jake, also you're overly relying on SC's detection. They said their detection is not perfect and no SC wouldn't admit any mistakes they made for sure. There is a thread of someone who had security software on their device to keep customer data safe and that is what caused his son to get banned. Anyone who watched this video PLEASE watch onehive's gazette video as well, because atm you're given only convenient info from Jake.

  10. Youre one bias man.

  11. sounds like an over reaction to something that can be explained. supercell did say there were going to accidental bans

  12. Thanks for including the bit about changing the website. Ive already applied, and I think it was to Genesis, but hopefully with the change now they'll disregard it. Good to hear its to step one, prime then 1.0, seems to make things a lot easier!

  13. 3:15 wow you kick a friend out just for a game and because of one (maybe) modder… Very disappointed

  14. After seeing GAzettes video…. I am very disappointed in the way you handled this situation. You and Genesis have been together for probably a long time. Just because of a one (maybe) modder you break away from that family… Guilty proven innocent Really???? Wow.. Im very dissapointed

  15. Disappointed how 1.0 handled this. Best of luck to you guys. Genesis will continue strong!

  16. smh 1.0 leadership 'elite' are clown – heard enough to take OHG side already – 1.0 leads are not diplomatic what so ever, no wonder they're so unpopular

  17. I've never modded before but this seems very petty. Love the vids but c'mon…

  18. Go to OH Gazette to see their side, seems like jake is leaving their side out whether it's intended or not

  19. Hmm… So nobody in Onehive was banned for 2 weeks for modding? I think you forgot the beast Master Weet who openly admitted on Twitter that he modded ever since he joined Onehive. How did you and other Co leaders didn't catch him? Jake never mentions the names of the guys who are caught modding in Onehive!

  20. no need to elaborate any further…RESPECT.. good video background (th9 gang!) but….OneHive is an upper echelon clan…a representation of the opitamy of a pinnacle of what we look up to.. and you don't need the validation (OneHive) from me…but it means more then you will know, to many of us. Special thanks to the translucent Jake!

  21. I think that at 4:00, I haven't truly seen any improvements of th10's/11's. Honestly they have gotten a lot less fancy with their raids and a lot worse of a hit rate, some of the anti 3's I have seen onehive 3 are just simply insane to think its fairplay, but now I cant see how you all have improved, but gotten worse.

  22. No offens btw jake i love ur vids an i will always be watching, but u say u will always tell the truth but u left out a lot of things in this video and it makes genesis look bad :/ not saying its necessarily intentional but look around u man, 1.0 leadership needs a change, not genesis.

  23. Thats very hypocritical jake, u guys promoted cheetum after he was caught BOTTING, crispy crunch was highly suspected of botting too and he wasnt punished at all, genesis alleged modder isnt a modder, he has a governent issue phone and thats why it messes up sc detection of 3d partie stuff, he works for highly secure goverment science stuff i forget exactly, but botom line is he doesnt modd, he proved his innocence and 1.0 decided not to trust genesis leadership :/ btw idk if u are aware of this but many many great players have left 1.0 due to leadership problemes :/ and in fact some of them have expressed interest in comin back to genesis lol not 1.0

  24. Long term subscriber here. I love the channel and content Jake but it seems somewhat disingenuous to say no one has been banned from 1.0. Master Weet had been a closet modder and outed himself on Twitter. He only left before the bans were rolled out, so technically, OH has been affected by the bans. It would be nice to tell your viewers the whole truth.

  25. Jake, i believe that it is unfair for fairplay members in these 2 clans who had nothing to do with the modding and they are loyal members and subscribers so i think you should consider these players and they are for sure disappointed with the decision as they dedicated all their clash career to be in OH family because of you
    Therefore, please make sure you make it up in any way for these players

  26. I will talk to leadership about coming out with a statement that reflects more accurately what exactly s happening

  27. What about Invicta and 2.0?

  28. this sounds alot like the asap auzzy situation…

  29. Master Weet Jake.

  30. dang so i was working on getting to alpha now ima try prime

  31. From 5 clans in the family down to 2

  32. Master Weet modded the whole time he was with OneHive. If this should go unpunished, then I'm not sure why Genesis and Alpha should be removed from the family. So much for fair play!


  34. Didn't the same thing happen to one of your clans a few months ago? they left onhive due the fact of you allowing crispy crunch to use a loot bot when he Turned th11? would love to hear your side of the story on that.

  35. wow!

  36. dumb question but what's the difference between a feeder and a sister clan?

  37. Honest question Jake: Having dealt with Supercell and having experienced their track record of communication with their users; Do you believe that they would admit fault after refuting a false positive?

    The problem here is that I, as a player, don't trust SC to be honest with me.
    They have a terrible history with honesty and seem to prefer obfuscation and CYA policies.

    I appreciate your hard line rules, I absolutely agree that ex-modders are not Fair Players. But I think that if even one ban is an actual false positive that SC would do whatever they could to deny that.

  38. have you heard of onehive gazette

  39. Jake why does it matter if 1 guy mods don't put on the whole clan seriously

  40. I understand that Genesis wouldn't want to kick out a well established player in the clan or whatever but now Genesis will be labeled as a modding clan weather the accusations are true or false. Jake I think you made the right decision on parting ways with them.

  41. Darude – sandstorm

  42. you really are something jake. wtf is wrong with you bro? u just said your are upfront and you don't sweep things under the rug. so why haven't you mentioned one of your guys who admitted to modding? your so right ,nobody in oh got banned. but stop pretending your clan is clean. 1 guy admitted to modding in your clan and he was with you for a while doing wars and modding. never mind all the people he might have helped with their attacks. but hey you don't sweep things under the rug tho. just for the fact that you had a guy admit to modding in your clan, diminishes your whole clan and makes you look like an ass. how are we to believe anything you say, how can anybody believe that you have always been a fair play clan now? oh wait you don't sweep things under the rug. i wonder how many of your guys removed their bots or mods or whatever you guys were using before the bans started?but you wouldn't tell us that anyways. wait maybe you will since you don't sweep things under the rug. i lost all respect for you. you had a chance to come clean and be real with your subscribers and with the coc community but you chose not too. so funny, you got a guy who admitted to modding and one of your family clan was also proven to have modders and now you don't associate with them. but yet your still acting like your all good. lol.. all that stuff you have ever said about modders and modding clans and how your fair play and shit , all means crap now from i know you won't admit it but we all know you must feel really stupid now a are just like all those so called asian clan that everyone claims to be modders. R.I.P the OH name lol

  43. Master Weet?? Y no mention bro.

  44. Is 2.0 still apart of the family?

  45. Sorry to hear about the breakup of the OH family. I'm sure OH itself will be fine in the future.

  46. Damn Larz smashed

  47. 'I will never try to hide things from you, I will never sweep things under the rug'. 'Nobody in Onehive 1.0 has been hit by a 2 week ban, I would tell you guys if it happened'. By not mentioning Master Weet who was in your clan for 8 months and left just before the update, then got banned you are kind of sweeping under the rug as he's a reason you won so many wars! Only like 10% of people go on twitter to see things like this… so by not telling your whole audience you are technically hiding it from the 90%.