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THE TROLL BASE IS BACK! | Clash of Clans | Funny Attack Fails

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  1. Bro how u do it what's app guys it's time to clash with cam and also how u record with recording device or recording app?how? ??

  2. like dory

  3. look at my chanel ?

  4. cam could you do th8 troll base

  5. Just goes to show u that leagues dont matter, people in champs n masters are still donuts when it comes to attacking

  6. cam this is why u r the best be with u to the end

  7. Cam I love you

  8. Cam I love you

  9. Did anyone notice the two spring traps that were showing and never triggered in the first replay?

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  15. it has returned!!!

  16. police player entirely rimfqye

  17. What happened to BarbariaNPro?!?!?!!?

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  19. Leave a "hole" in your base

  20. when you're watching these vids do u press things on the screen thinking its your base

  21. somewhere tough work qyppqb play

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    noice vid Camstar

  23. love ur vid keep it up

  24. cam do co op with gerrnal tony.

  25. wtf cam what is wrong with you

  26. Hey I have a th8 df base that is really really good. I haven't been 3 stared and I have had it for a long time. If you want to see it please like this so that can will see it. Thanks

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  29. troll

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  33. It's hillarious to me cuz I can't believe people fall for this lol

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  42. CAM i know were the troops are in HELL

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  47. Fake cam notification squad, where are you?

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  50. I wish I could join your clan???