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THE TRUTH! – Clash Of Clans Balance Changes!

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  1. I just wanna say one thing: NERF THE AIR SWEEPERS! If air sweepers didn't exist air attacks would be used so much more! Like if you agree!

  2. Lol You said to leave a Like if u enjoyed the vid and I did but I also use at least 1 air attack a day?? what to do?

  3. Tony when r u going to open your clan up

  4. Tony when r u going to open your clan

  5. vol vol vol vol

  6. How good is air anymore because I have honestly haven't used them in months

  7. I play 3 times a day………

  8. can i get i like for my dog who got killed yesterday

  9. I use air all the time. But then again, I am town hall nine. Town hall eight has dragons, thats about it. Nobody higher than th9 uses air for a three star. Coupled with the fact they're adding a new level air defense… I think supercell is stupid as fuck.

  10. hey GT….air troops are so handicap super cell should lower the hit points on air defenses or make a stronger air troop or maybe more power and speed to the air troops now

  11. i agree couldnt do air attack for ages ?

  12. I use one air troop… the healer

  13. Tony can I join your clan please

  14. good night tony

  15. Air Attacks sucks.,

  16. General Tony likes big lumpy juicy


  17. I agree with you a 1,000% air troops are just underwhelming and need some sort of help. Whether a Dragon Hero or per suggestion, drop dragon spaces. Though, it all depends on how people use air troops. Either for clean up or destruction.

  18. I finished the video and honestly I do agree with the fact that drags and other air troops need a huge buff but I think Kinecting to how u said the thing about hogs, that thoes troops army good at th11 because there ment for lower th's Like when u first get them but fall at higher th's and higher troops like bowlers are ment for higher th's obviously not for th's that can't get them

  19. All drags 3 rage 1 freeze

  20. I do all air attacks.

  21. You're lacking in energy… You sound depressed.

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  23. yo can i talk to you general tony?

  24. Air sweeper need to be removed from the game and balloons need to travel slightly faster. Less housing space consumed for baby dragon and dragon as well.

  25. air is way too weak what really needs to happen is a buff and tweaks in defenses

  26. I agree with you bro

  27. th7+ gameplay on my channel lets get me 50 subs.

  28. You should've said th8 or 9 like or dislike because drag bombs are popular war attacks in th7s and sometimes th8

  29. I always use ground attck I m th9 so govoho I use all tym bt when air attck I suck totally…

  30. I love the video but I use air troops

  31. your channel names says u do clash royale vids 2 but u never upload clash royale vids.

  32. nice video

  33. I'm th 7 and I use 4 levle 1 dragons and 7 wizards a bomber and 10 to 15 giants

  34. 1 of thee Air sweepers should be removed i always do Air attacks but because there 2 they Just Point them oppesid direction whats Just as strong as Keep walking to Giant bomms

  35. make infernos ground only

  36. The one problem I see with decreasing the housing on dragons is how overpowered they already are at lower town hall levels. This would simply solidify the fact that mass dragons is the only attack needed at lower levels

  37. I love ur videos os much.nd u don't suck

  38. so many dislikes LOL

  39. I can't try witches I'm th7

  40. Dude its so hard to dislike your videos so I liked it but I only do air attacks btw my clash of clans name is GEMER!!!

  41. I can win every battle with barbarians archers wall breakers and giant

  42. I commented 3 seconds into the video….SAVAGE!!!!!!!!

  43. Tony how to join your clan

  44. im a th 8 and the only reason i upgraded my drags were to become maxed i dont use them nor does any one ask for them from me. the last thing on supercells mind is to not come out with a new airdefense lvl

  45. hate balloon and dragons, but my 2nd account I use drag for th8 with balloon cc

  46. I'm a th7 cause I quit coc for 3 years so I use drags on all my war attacks well almost always

  47. Subscribe to me please 🙂 :p