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The Ultimate How to Queen Walk Guide for Clash of Clans

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  1. Jake dude we need you at supercell! So that supercell can suck less!Awesome vid man!

  2. perfect timing! I just had my first 6 star war using only the queen walk and it was really sloppy yesterday. I'll be using the tips I learned to help in this war! thanks for pointing out her vision over range and when to use rages or abilities; it helps a whole bunch!

  3. awesome vid jake thx for really breaking it down like that

  4. Loved this video. The only thing I didn't know is the 8 tile reroute radius, I'm glad you enlightened me. Thanks for the tips Jake. #JakeOneHive4President

  5. CAC: ive realized when there is a 3 star attack somehow supercell nerfs like witches healers ect. have you noticed that jake?not hating on supercell but I just think its weird.

  6. I got lvl 16 queen and i tried a queen walk with 3 healers (max) and 1 Archer tower (max for th9) and 1 cannon (max for th9) took her down and that screwed my war attack but that way se learn!


  8. Yes thank you so much jake i'm getting my level 15 queen soon and this guide will really help me in war!

  9. when i count, i cant count diagonal over the tiles right?

  10. 😀 i was waiting for this video :)

  11. Hey if you want more accurate predictions you can use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the exact distance between two sauares… Thanks for the video Jake been waiting on if for a while

  12. Jake everything is to the point except the CC part which u discussed at 13:45, I will explain how. See Queen can shoot 5 tiles away in a straight line or perpendicular line. So if u look at the actual displacement its actually more than 5 tiles as it is the hypotenuse distance from where she can stand to cc and not a distance. I perpendicular displacement, so whatever u do she cannot hit that cc as its actually out of her range. I am not sure if u getting me right will explain with a diagram if u notice this comment 😛
    PS- Some more points u have missed but still its actually the best TUT i have seen, and i have seen almost all.

  13. at 12:33, the dark elixir elixir drill is also 8 tiles away if you count that sideway tile, so why does the queen move that way instead of the archer tower?

  14. This video is a gem. Very helpful.

  15. Is it known how much healers heal on heroes now? We had heard about the nerf that more healers wouldn't be as effective, but I also heard rumor that the healing on heroes was going to be lower than normal troops is that true. There is just so much to the troops that isn't explained and SC doesn't announce shit.

  16. great video jake! helps so much

  17. why are your collectors not boosted? haha

  18. this level of calculations and strategy is why we love clan wars

  19. does your base defend well with king and queen outside?

  20. Finally!