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The Undead Queen, 3 Stars GoBarch – Clash of Clans

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  1. Amazing

  2. Awesome video

  3. סורה

  4. Hi Brandon, What's Your favourite Food? Btw Keep the Amazing Videos Up!

  5. doing 3★ using gobarch participate in clan wars why don't you achieve your war hero to 1k.

  6. hey brandon can you put this comment in your next video

  7. Did u a Chinese?

  8. I Love you Videos and you vidio music

  9. haha nice one "what are you doing with the other hand". I'm from sg too?

  10. the walking dead was actually funny

  11. Brandon what time is it in Singapore, love the streams keep it up!

  12. Yo Brandon, since CY is out so are u going to play or gem up the all ur cards? Hi from Singapore

  13. Brandon how much do you farm each day, love your vids…, answer plz!

  14. Brandon sorry to ask again but what are you going to do for 200k subscribers

  15. 7th comment

  16. Hi Brandon, are you ever going to play clash royal and will you ever quit clash?

  17. hi

  18. hi 3rd comment pls make it on top like my comment

  19. clash royale brandon

  20. 2º

  21. Nice