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The Water Bottle Challenge

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  1. Another sick vid, keep it up ata! CQOTD: what is your real name

  2. CQOTD: call of duty or battlefield?

  3. doo mooooreeee

  4. Holy Shit that was incredible!

  5. amazing gameplay lol?

  6. Finally figured out how to change my name and profile picture and only took me a few months

    I was Matthew Suyanto

  7. CQOTD, what is a six MAN?

  8. Bruh intro was sick and your hair is sick and another sick video <3

  9. hahahaha lol nice bid

  10. nice intro btw

  11. when u do challenges do them with jeff or chris please

  12. CQOTD: If u could be a FaZe member which one would u be?

  13. I feel bad but u did it so quickly

  14. Nice intro bro

  15. Can u give like for no reasons?

  16. atakski I love your vids bro you're the best #TeamLeSquirrel

  17. do more challenges

  18. you monster

  19. 20th

  20. I mean awesome

  21. Asesine video ata

  22. luv ur hair

  23. Love you ata

  24. Hi

  25. ;)

  26. First

  27. Second :(

  28. Awesome