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The ZapQuake BIBLE – Full Exclusive 3 Star Guide For Th9 Bases – January 2016

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  1. I just don´t get it, how this attackers were so successful with that dragon zap quake, I tried it out for myself and my dragons keep getting roasted every time got only a 2 star and a 1 star against not even maxed th 9s in the last war, any suggestions?

  2. Does anyone know what levels of spells are required to take out a level 8 (maxed) air defense?

  3. Awesome video. Keep on the good work. ;)

  4. Gadi it might be worth making a weak hero series. Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing lvl20+ hereos attacking a non maxed internet base. Especially if it's close! considering I'm a new 8.5 with lvl10 king and queen heading to lvl10 with level 2 golems and I consistently 3 star maxed out internet bases (anti 3 bases are a whole different ball game).

  5. Gadi mate i wanna join the CW clan and i request to join then had to go to old clan just to give donate and get out again while i was doing it i got decline from CW and got banned now can you please invite me or help me ? D:

  6. nice bro ur a big help to not so high lvl players tnx man

  7. I'll drop a one time donation. Thanks for the great vids bro.

  8. the word your looking for is patron

  9. Blessed.

  10. Very awesome video, it really helped me :)

  11. super nice video gadihh, I really enjoy your content =)

  12. You can use 2 lvl 5 lightning and any level eq spell on lvl 7 air def, I've done it the past 2 clan wars don't need a lvl 3 eq spell.

  13. pay-trun

    pls gadi…


  14. this is one of some things at TH9 that i search all this time after TH11 update with additional spell donation. i really wanna be good at aerial (or semi-aerial) attack using some kind of zapping methods. thank you gadi. maybe next time you can make a video about a good war-basebuilding at TH9 (anti 3*, at least at first attempt), and explain a lot more detail about offset queen (or queen island, or whatever the name is), empty core base (and why some people like doing that to their base), tesla farm, or some other that i don't know yet.

  15. Saw this on reddit, I am so thankful, brother

  16. Fantastic guide, love the idea. Can't wait to try it, master it, and share it with my clanmates!

  17. You sound like Smike….


  19. thank you for this video

  20. hey gadi, i've done a zap quake with low level heroes, it was a pretty good attack aggainst a max th9 with 20+ heroes, i'd love if you could record it ? haha

    also, i've done a govaho in the same war, your videos help me so much when scouting a base.

    thx a lot man, keep up with the great videos

  21. Is is possible to do a dragon attack with low level heroes? I mean, bringing 2 golems instead of 4 healers for QW.

  22. Excellent job! I am Brazilian and registered on your channel just for his dedication in moving knowledge to other players. Hopefully always continue editing videos with this quality !

  23. Do you think you good do the same but for trophy pushing/ and 2 star on th10, that would be cool. Stay at the th9 guides they are the best

  24. sometimes you also can use 1jump 3zaps and one quake and take out 2 AD with the zapquake part

  25. Extremely good job gadihh!

  26. i don t know why this ytuber isn't more famous ^^ he creates the better guide for th9!!! i love u xD

  27. Yooo this awesome, going to use this attack strategy in war today. Is there going to be a Bible for every attack strategy? I hope there is.

  28. хотелось бы к вам на cw✌?

  29. will help for sure. tnx gadi ?

  30. Really enjoying this gadi. Way to bring some very original content as you are first in line on this subject…. really out wayyyyy ahead of the other youtubers. PS…your original, "how to kill the archer queen" is still one of the best all time youtube clash videos imo. GREAT WORK!

  31. Great video!