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This is where it ends…

  1. why This comment smells like a sea Of trubbish?´╗┐

  2. yay pokomon go´╗┐

  3. This channel is gonna fall lmao´╗┐

  4. a lot of YouTubers like cam gives up on coc nooo!´╗┐

  5. In your clash is back video. You said if we got 10k you'd keep CoC on this channel and we got 24k. we doubled it and then some and now you've just said fuck you to all of us and shown us that you aren't a man of your word which makes me not a fan Any more, I can't sub to someone who isn't gonna do what he says he will. Sorry White! Or do you still answer to White? Anyways peace out! Congrats to all you PGO players hope you enjoy it while it lasts! Cause he will ditch you too one day!Ôťî?´ŞĆ´╗┐

  6. fuck you and your paokemon go´╗┐

  7. fuck you and your paokemon go´╗┐

  8. This is why supercell never wanted you´╗┐

  9. Send their shit to the second account fuck them !! This is COC Chanel´╗┐

  10. It doesn't really matter. I subscribed because he funny asf! It doesn't matter what game it is… He always makes it lit???´╗┐

  11. shit man´╗┐

  12. Fuck this, Ima go watch Godson now. Everyone should go watch him, he's a Coc and Clash royal Channel´╗┐

  13. COC and CR is dead! Fuck off and go to his second channel. This channel is for Pokemon Go!´╗┐

  14. give the dude some credit. he is trying to streamline his content.. his intro dictates this perfectly.

    he is making am extra channel so one knows where to go for the content they really want.

    moreover pokemon go clearly seems his priority so why should he make the larger channel coc based. .

    if a hater.. unsub and sub to his coc channel.

    if respect his work.. leave the respect sub in place and just go sub to the new channel.

    what is so hard about that??´╗┐

  15. The one that he is developing´╗┐

  16. What's the app?´╗┐


  18. why mystic7…….´╗┐

  19. Omg all u guys are hating so much. It is HIS channel, HE can upload what HE wants. You are not his servants, and he is doing this for you guys. He is saying he will upload 3 TIMES MORE, and u have a problem with that?´╗┐

  20. these comments are all fake ass fans´╗┐

  21. i fine with whatever he uploads :)´╗┐

  22. ok this actually gets me mad´╗┐

  23. jerk´╗┐

  24. I hate all u bitches´╗┐

  25. Fuck u Pokemon go fuckers get the fuck outta hear he hit 1 mill playing clash not walking around fucking pikachus in the ass with his poke balls u can suck my coc´╗┐

  26. Play clash here and Pokemon on the other one and you said it don't help you grow you got over 1 mil cause of clash so like if you agree Pokemon go should be on the other channel´╗┐


  28. You Suck

  29. You Suck´╗┐

  30. Dude, CoC is what got you to 1 mil subs. Now, you just move on from CoC. What about million people that subbed to you for CoC? Make a separate channel for Pokemon GO instead of a separate channel for CoC. Unsubbed. I miss the old you.´╗┐

  31. in my opinion both coc and pokemon are the crapyest games rn´╗┐

  32. I can't believe your just abounding clash of clans for some 12 year olds game,been subscribed for so long it's time for me to move on cya´╗┐

  33. dude keep playing pokemon go and fuck coc stay cool dude you are the best´╗┐

  34. Me´╗┐

  35. Once the clash update drops please play some here
    Like if you agree.´╗┐

  36. Who plays clash of clans and clash royals still anyways there so old and Pokemon go is more popular´╗┐

  37. What's the point of making another channel if you could just post more on this channel.´╗┐