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“This Old Base” | Clash of Clans

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  1. Love the concept. My clan isn't facing any arranged wars, we can definitely use these.

  2. Thanks Nick always look forward to your comments!

  3. Nice vid. Goes to show that all the basics talk about in the base building vids still works. Keep it up and always look forward to your vids.

  4. Great video man

  5. great base man. no exposed air defense. ?

  6. BoLaLo entry at 9, break on DE storage, jump to core. 🙂 Great idea on the video. Really liked it.

  7. it is called Stoned HoBo lol

  8. good stuff man

  9. Absolutely love this series! Definitely support!

  10. Great vid! I like this idea for a series a lot. If you plan ahead for it and save replays from several wars to cover a more diverse range of army comps hitting a base that would be really cool! Even if we don't use the base, it's still fun to see and helpful for design ideas. Commentary is top notch.

  11. This is funny.

  12. Love this vid, loads of youtubers only concentrate on attacking, defence is just as intresting for me, thanks!

  13. Great Vid!

  14. hi I'm SuperiorMongrel, I recently joined onehive swarm. your clips