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Top 10 Clash Of Clans Troops + Q&A + My New Clan 100 Subcribers Special Part One

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  1. sorry grammar hi my name is daniel you may know me´╗┐

  2. Hi Danny´╗┐

  3. good job on getting to 100. I can tell your content has definitely gotten better so keep up the good work´╗┐

  4. Nice 125 subs please subscribe help me get to 100 subs and also congrats on your achievements I'm starting to watch and thanks for subbing´╗┐

  5. nice man! I used to play clash of clans. I was town hall 9 and then i gave it to my friend cos i had to study for school!!!!´╗┐

  6. Make sure to leave a like if you havent already´╗┐

  7. want to join your clan please tell the code´╗┐

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  11. Sorry for the music being a bit loud!´╗┐