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  2. Hey PB when you gana make a recap of PD war? looking forward to it…

  3. Dude…genius! Supercell should give you a job

  4. every idea is gold

  5. seemingly including boom march sculpture.

  6. What on demonstrate tlpkf hell.

  7. If they improve the mortar to fire faster and have deep impact to hurt mines under ground and a larger splash area and tesla can take a Lightning spell to turn them into multi target and favor valkryies so Pekkas can get a break and that would be all the nerfing you need for mines, Valkryies and bowler.

  8. Pekka buff! I feel like they are right there with witches as an unused troop… outside of the people still actually doing gowipe

  9. I think a solid solution to the bowlers would be just to reduce the damage they deal to buildings with the second hit of their boulder. maybe something like they only deal 75% of the damage to 2nd building?

  10. Excellent suggestions. I think they're all fair and balanced. Arranged wars is a must. Blow-outs are boring. I've turned most of my clan mates on to this channel and we have made great improvements with everything from defense, attacking and base design. Keep up the great work.

  11. Love those Idea. I have some.
    1. When someone post a friendly challenge, Give him ability to put any clan castle troops without removing those troops which already in his castle. And it will be free of cost.
    2. What about keep hero awake if they are upgrading for both offense and defense, for friendly challenge. Cause no one use gem for their hero to do friendly challenge.
    3. Again for friendly challenge, Because it does not cost any elixir, so what about give the ability to cook instant dummy free troops and cc troops for friendly challenge.
    4. Now when someone request for friendly challenge, It is one attack for 1 request. Increase that or make that unlimited, until the challenger cancel it. Also the challenger go offline keep that challenge there. (All of these thing can happen under your No. 9 suggestion)

  12. More single player maps! :)

  13. I want a search and destroy where 5 clan match up and they go into raid area and try to find each other and if they do they get 25% more loot and points. But anyone you hit give you points and top 3 clan get loot.

  14. There may be processing limitations that prevent more than 15 people looking at a live attack. I don't see the need.
    The removing the troops from the troop bar when the count goes to 0 is a GREAT IDEA!
    Sort by TH level is a great idea. Sorting by level would work too.
    I don't agree with the need for a level 5 healer.
    I agree with your over all objection to span attacks.
    I like the on-line indicator.
    I like the idea of a clan bank

  15. How about Clan War Tournament ? or any new kind of war ?

  16. My suggestion:
    1. Troops or Heroes skin. Can be bought by Dark elixirs/Gold/Elixirs. To be able to permanently own it, need to spend Gems. Otherwise, you need to spend resources every time you change it.
    2. Inn – New Building. Used to store troops, that you can use them for donating or instant troop in emergency. Has 100 housing spaces.
    3. Defending Unique Troop, Trainable and stored in Town Hall. Only 1 specific defending troop can be train. For Example, Ice Wizard (low splash damage but slow attackers), Prince (High Health, and charge directly to Heroes), Princess (Long Range splash damage but low health)

  17. The artillery has the same mechanics as an army camp, it takes up 4*4 but is actually 3*3, that's why a queen can't snipe it

  18. I agree with about 95% of what you said! great video man. also; what are your thoughts on witches? they aren't even being used anymore. whats the point of having troops if you can't even use them? healers need a buff definitely maybe even at the TH10 level.

  19. If any of you are a th3-7 and are looking for a new war clan join The Bullpen.

  20. Great ideas!

  21. I can do you one better regarding the CC. What about a request tab for offensive CC and Defensive CC? That way you can still have a defense but not waste say a war attack CC.

  22. I mostly like name change !dea

  23. 15:10, i knew you were swiping on tinder ^^

  24. Great stuff PB. As far as engineered bases, I believe each town hall level should have a set range of war weights. So my TH5 isn't matched up with a TH11 like in a previous war. I think this could fix that "defenseless" TH11 showing up at the bottom of the list. Keep up the good work, any successful raid I have in war is due to your channel. Thank you

  25. Lovin it! Well said on all fronts

  26. Hi PB,

    Awesome thoughts and suggestions to SC.
    How about instead of increasing the camp space for bowlers, the damage per second is reduced for only the secondary ring buildings the rocks hit? In my opinion, this would be quite natural too, as in an ideal world the farthest buildings should not receive the same damage after being deflected or hurdled by the closest building. By this, the bowlers will have to throw more rocks and may get more in range of the defenses to make it an equal battle. Hope I am not bringing up something that I would myself regret it later! Nerf would be fine but not like the witches though.

  27. man if any of these came to the game it would be amazing! If all these changes became true… hoky shit i would not stop playing clash

  28. Stop with your nerf requests.

  29. If you can't heal miners underground then RIP miners just like witches

    Unless if the miners can get 50% of the heal underground is much better

  30. i just wanna change my name once again………one of my frnd's prank was to change my name to a girly name…..and i can't quit just cause of tht…..i just want to change my name one last time

  31. Re-spawn army button!

  32. #26.. War 'preparation' time. This is now redundant due to the friendly challenge changes. I think this would be much better if each war was 28 hours long. 4 hours is more than enough to get the CC's filled and will allow us to have more wars in a week 🙂 (friendly challenge base edit timer would need to be extended to 28hrs however)

  33. I recall suggesting to disable the CC but either some of your viewers or Jake's bash me for it. According to them, losing my troops was my fault because i wasn't camping in masters or above. Glad to see that someone as experienced as you, agrees with the CC option.

  34. The clan bank is fn GENIUS! The bank should increase at every clan level increase. As it is now, clan lvls are useless passed lvl10.

  35. Like the video. Also could add weight to the army camps to better balance war match ups

  36. Every single thing yes, lol. Seriously though these are all well thought out points that would help the game.

  37. I absolutely love he idea of a Clan Bank! Where u can store troops for people to just take them out whenever! Never Would of thought of that! One of my favorite videos u have done so far! Keep up the great work!

  38. Like the idea of adding weight to the lab. and Spell factory. also can add weight to the army camps. to help with engineered bases

  39. I agree with 90% of ur ideas. Pretty solid video.

  40. Date soldier break probably.

  41. Rip my clan got exposed at 12:52

  42. that's the idea. supercell is making it hard to max your heroes so that you loose your patience and buy gems and money on their bank accnt.

  43. Some really cool ideas Powerbang!

    Here are a couple more I'd like to see:

    First, MORE DATA(that's actually useful) How cool would it be to see your average war stars gained (fresh or not) per attack, or your average gold/elixir/dark farm per day? And instead of something dumb like "most heroic attack", how about honoring those that got fresh 6 stars, and maybe even a "defensive champion? There are more ideas for data, but I'll leave it here.

    Second, LAVAHOUND minor buff: I don't like getting punished when destroying a base too effectively, and I have 3 hounds up and a swarm of balloons, then I run out of time 🙁 How about lavahounds automatically explode when all defenses have been taken out?

  44. Ask for nerf on everything good.

  45. Really good video…thanks

  46. Time Limit increase for th10/11….ability to save army comps like base designs…

  47. I don't agree with bowlers and miners still too powerful. I am in Legend League with one of my accounts and never get 3 stared with mass bowler attacks. Before the healer nerf it was usually 2 star (often high 2 star) but since the healer nerf mass bowler attacks are 1 star or barley 2 stars (on a maxed TH11). I don't call that overpowered. Mass miner attacked only 3 stared me twice (before the nerf) and usually high 2 stars but after the nerf its mostly 1 star with some low 2 star, pretty much the same as bowlers. I dont think its the nerf's alone, also most have cached up with the Archer Tower lvl 14 upgrade and the increased canon damage from the August patch surly contributes to it too. So basically with all the recent changes Bowlers and Miners pretty much sux as mass troop against a maxed TH11 now. It would be great you have access to a maxed TH11 and try it out yourself before making those statements. War is actually easier considering you have plenty of time to think about a strategy and fine tune the troops then just 30 seconds in the normal attacks but if any mass troop would be overpowered it should mostly 3 star maxed TH11 even if you only have 30 seconds and that is absolutely not the case. I tested mass bowler as TH11 against a max TH9 just to compare. Before the healer nerf I used 6 healers and 4 survived together with 10+ bowlers and heros… now after all the changes I had to use 8 healers to have 2 survived and only 4-6 bowlers made it thru the end. That is a dramatic change and I see other max TH11 fail against max TH10 with mass bowlers and mass miners, which did not happen before. There is absolute no need to nerf them any further. All your other points I agree :)

  48. I agreed on all brother….?keep up the good work!

  49. Pretty darn accurate across the board

  50. Some great ideas there PB. One minor suggestion that I have would be to move the "surrender " button away from the troops tool bar. Can't tell you how many times I cancelled a raid simply because the button is too close to the troop selections. Also would like to see the main screen cleaned up a bit. Too many buttons overall and makes it look very busy and is distracting. Combine some of them under one tab perhaps. Can put "achievements", "settings" and "layout editor" all together. Maybe also move the "shop" and "notifications" button to the clan castle with a counter or put them under the "profile" tab.