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Top 3 SUPER META Rift 5 (R5) Monsters in Summoners War

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  1. is the water KFG the best second DD beside Hwa or is she better then Hwa and would replace her in a single DD Team ?
    I would love to run both in r5, but my problem is, chasun and lisa are not tanky enough for frontline, so i have no room for KFG.

  2. Ah look at all the DD that does a better job than Brandia..

    I'll go cry in my corner now

  3. no ardella? (wind magical archer)

  4. Man, i got the Light KFG. Would you say that her water sister is as good, better or worse than her? I've been getting a lot of missleading info..

  5. How about the Light Drunken Master?

    First skill ATK break, second skill heals allies and decreases their chances of being attacked with a critical hits and third skill disturb the enemy's HP recovery.

    I have one full skill, but I'm not strong yet to do even R3…

  6. I know I shouldnt start raids till I can do db10/necrob10 but I just want to beat r1 at least. My mons are: vero, kona, trevor, shannon, bernard, bella, ahman, darion, laika, ramagos, emma, mihyang, and megan. Any team I can make with them?

  7. top 3? wouldn't hwa or colleen make top 3, and maybe even lisa? Their the ones that are used the most in raid 5 teams.

  8. lol keep it up man, you're doing something good cause Scatfetis salty as fuck lol.

  9. Idk my dark Kung fu girl does great damage

  10. Hey Knightly, thoughts on using Thebae (dark anubis nat5) in raids, could be FL since has decent base stats. brings healing debuff, damage bit of lifesteal and also brand. Dunno, just thoughts,
    Current team is FL – Darion, Fire Panda BL- colleen, kona, seara/theo, chasun

  11. Is Xiao Lin or Fei better?

  12. eally good videos

  13. i like this chanel because i like her mobs and i want he have better 5* how a camila and zairos like if you thing the same thing

  14. informative and entertaining thnx knight

  15. Hey knightly, love your videos 🙂 I'm a casual player and slowly progressing on making my gb10 team. I'm working on vero fusion atm, got all the monsters, already have his violent set ready.
    My question is: I have 4 core monsters in that gb10 team: vero, bella, shannon, bernard, all 5* (once I get vero) and then acasis 5* and megan 4*. Which one would be better to fill the last spot, and who should be my first 6* ? (my priority is to farm gb10, then work my way up to more dungeons and farm more; for now I can farm faimon hard with my soha; should I 6* her so she can farm faimon hell? Although I need better runes)

    These are beginner questions but I would love to have your feedback!

  16. So Mihyang is violent endore spd/hp/atk?

  17. How would you rune Mihyang? what stats would you want the highest?
    What about Hwa?

    Best front line combo? Could you go over guys like Darion, Raviti, Delphoi, Xiong Fei, Any of the DK?

  18. Hey there !
    I'm actually already doing R5 pretty well with :
    Front : Darion Xing Zhe Chasun and Lisa
    Back : Colleen and hwa

    I want to incorporate Mihyang and Xiao Lin on my team, I thought about replacing chasun with mihyang front but don't know who I should get rid of to bring in Xiao Lin, any suggestions ? :D

  19. Thanks for this. I'm solid in R4 but looking to break into R5 and this is a huge help, appreciate it as always.

  20. Hey it's Digjer again. Can you try the new game that is like summoners war?

  21. hey lightly can i join your guild when i get better?

  22. what are your rune recommendations for mihyang? i just got her yesterday and am excited to build her

  23. Hey knight, great vid. Should I focus on sig fusion or katerina fusion next. I've done the other two.

  24. So is Xiao Lin better than Fei?

  25. why are u using ariel instead of chasun?

  26. @KnightlyGaming Panda fire / Briand Front line – Colleen / Hwa / Annavel / Delphoi back line, this a good team? I have a mk wind, chasun for backline too

  27. when will the person who won the give away know they won it

  28. cool video