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TOP 5 BEST Builder Hall 4 Base w/ PROOF! +2500 CUPS! | CoC BH4 Builder Base Designs | Clash of Clans

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  1. me "I need a new good base" Jaso, BOOM instantly <3

  2. Number 3 is not your base desing its mine an actually It wasen't created with ti purpose to be shared in this plataform so please eliminate your video or I am gonna flag you.

  3. I just attacked the 1st base… and he attacked one of Jaso's too…. I won cuz I got 35% he got 22%

  4. but for BH5 when will you do ?

  5. #1 is so good i use it and bearly loose

  6. Can you do a th8 base

  7. music is so cancerous, cmon man it makes it hard to watch

  8. Jaso, I have a builder hall 4 base design that is working well for me. It is my own design and I would like you to check it out

  9. #1

  10. Do you guys think #1 is good?

  11. jaso your layouts are best

  12. Nice, the first one worked well so far! Can you make a new TH9 base?

  13. base number #3 pushed me to 2527 trophies now im loosing trophies cuss many ppl rushed their base to BH 5 thats why now im loosing trophies facing BH 5 players

  14. i need th 9 trophy base to reach champions league

  15. i thing base 1 is 100% greet but the rest are idk but i like base 1 the most and base 3 i would give it a 70% 🙂

  16. #5 <3

  17. #1

  18. Hall 5 pls

  19. Make top 5 worst bases (w/ proof)

  20. Always you make a best base… i always use your base.. nice base bro..

  21. i have tested all the bases and have loss all the battles they 3stared me every time i was at 2136 and now 1946 🙁

  22. i already made the last base by my own no youtube for real

  23. #3

  24. sory to say but ur first base can be 2 star by baby dragons so ez boi

  25. 3:293:32
    look at the bottom walls

  26. #1

  27. First base barbs from bottom base doesn't stand a chance 2* at least

  28. 3rd base bimbers top base then giants archers

  29. #2 n #1

  30. have any base for bh5?