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Top 5 biggest scams in clash of clans!

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  1. Check for Clash content

  2. If tryed joining your clan my Name is DarkFrost

  3. I AM RIYZ FROM ION JUMPS 1:052:00
    I am the top donator currently. Like = respect. :3
    Let the almighty ion see this?

  4. Video starts at 3:45

  5. get a better mic pls

  6. hilarious scams,i give em fake gmails and pass every now and then cx

  7. Why won't you let me join.

  8. Ion could you please make a Madden Mobile playlist on your channel?

  9. Ion could you please make a Madden Mobile playlist on your channel?

  10. hello? uv got a th 11 and wizard tower lvl1

  11. And now the idiots who think a password is guaranteed access into any ION clan…. smh… xD

  12. video starts at 3:40

  13. Ion you forgot ION LEGACY X it's the new feeder for ICX

  14. ion nice base and. u rock

  15. The song at the end isn't in the description

  16. omg ur so close to 50 k

  17. just watched fsu's 3 vids on fine bros but didnt understand it….. but your single vid made me understand whats going on :P

  18. dude ion clash, are you the one who joined butuan finest clans?

  19. Nice ion 😀 I love watching these vids… Also IV been wondering when will you show ISX? just wondering..

  20. well forsome reson i never get infected with such stuff that takeover DM

  21. 750 is when Ion gets to top 5…

  22. Club penguin generators work lol

  23. Hey, I've been a fan since 1k. Is there any chance I could create an Ion defenseless clan? I noticed no one in the ion nation has created one yet. And, if I do create it, what should I call it? Thanks -Nerd

  24. Ion I need a good clan ;-;

  25. great for ion

  26. I like how i dont need a password to join the clans :D

  27. The fine bros lost 400,000 plus subs

  28. Lol don't even start on the fine bros.


  30. I like the old outro song what's the name of it or can you make the full version of it?

  31. Love the tumbnails