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Top 5 MOST WANTED FEATURES in Clash of Clans

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  2. i want nepali flag nice video wicked

  3. They should add when you are getting raided ur Heros and use there ability when low health

  4. saya suka coc

  5. #mostwanted

  6. My most desired feature: Better war match making. Because, like seriously, matching against 3 TH11s with all the modcons when you don't have a single one to match in your line up, is a clear indication something is broken. Seems too easy to throw in some low th5s at the bottom and suddenly the heavy th11s war weight up top are negated, even though we know the top is where the war is usually won. If they based the matching on Troop strength I think we'd see a suddenly decline in such uneven matching. Because that TH10 guy sitting in the middle of the TH8s but with max th10 troops would match a proper th10.

  7. I want kings and queens for every troop

  8. I want kings and queens for every troop

  9. #mostwanted


  11. Possibly they should do a troop collector so if your defense win a match the troops that were deployed should go into a troop storage so the defender keeps the troops


  13. Thx wicket for this video!!✌️

  14. #AlbanianFlag

  15. #mostwanted Thry should make a feature where you can see which members donate to war clan castles

  16. #MostWanted. I would like to see more vids about New features, it's Interesting. Also, Nice Vid! :D

  17. #most_wanted One button to collect loot from all collectors (same: one big drop above th or cc to do it)

  18. we want #Bangladeshi flag

  19. Love your vids and commentaries..hehe?

  20. The first idea is bad they can just win trade

  21. OMG the Bangladeshi flag!! I want it too!!

  22. #mostwanted troop selection panel ahould disappear once all of that particular troop are used…its difficult at th10 when u dont have an iPad/Tablet.. ?